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  • Painting tabletop quality Black Templar Assault Terminators


    Hello, I'm Avalorionas, a 15 year old boy from the Netherlands. So please excuse my poor English. I had great fun painting these models so I want to share this with all of you. Please bear in mind that these models are ment for tabletop games and not for display. I made the pictures after I had finished the models. The pictures show you the result of the completed steps.

    Step 1: the black armour

    Prime the models with a Chaos Black spraycan. Then highlight the models with a mix of 1 part Skull White and 3 parts Chaos Black. Leave the highlights broad and big. Now continue with a second highlight of codex grey, followed with a last extreme highlight of fortress grey.

    Step 2: The white shoulder pads.

    Spray the shoulder pads with the mould on black templar sign Skull White. Undercoat the Black Templar sign with Chaos Black.

    Step 3: The chest eagle, the Crux Terminatus and the cross on the storm shields.

    Give them an undercoat of Vermin Brown, then layer it with 50/50 Vermin Brown/Bleach Bone and finish off with an extreme highlight of Skull White.


    Step 3: Painting the Purity Seals, the Black Templar crosses and the Thunder Hammer Grips
    Start with a basecoat of Red Gore, then layer it with Blood Red and then highlight it with wattered-down Fiery Orange.

    Step 4: Painting the Thunder Hammer, the leg joints and the Power Sword.

    Start with a basecoat of Boltgun Metal and continue with a Black Ink wash mixed with PVA glue and water. Re-touch the metal and finish the Storm Hammer with a Mithril Silver highlight.

    Step 5: Painting the sergeant's face:
    Begin with a basecoat of 30 Dark flesh/70 Scorched Brown. Then Layer it with the same mix with added Dwarf Flesh. After that layer it with Dwarf Flesh. Use 50 Dwarf Flesh/50 Elf Flesh for the first Highlight. Continue with a Hihglight of pure Elf Flesh. Finish it with a extreme highlight of Bleached Bone. Paint the eye with Chaos Black and add two Points of Skull White in the corners of the eye. Paint the teeth Skull White and paint the wound with wattered down Red Gore, followed by 20 Chaos black/80 Red Gore line in the middle.

    Step 6: Painting the Purity Seals Parchement and the Sergeants Lioncloth.
    Begin with a basecoat of 50 Dark Flesh/50 Bleached Bone. Layer it with the same mix with added Bleached Bone. Highlight it with pure Bleached Bone. Then make black stripes to represent liturgy with wattered down Chaos Black.[pagebreak]

    Step 7: Painting the gold Eagles on the shields and the pieces on the Thunder Hammers:
    Start with a basecoat of Shining Gold. Give it a wash of Chestnukt Ink and continue with a final Highlight of 50 Shining Gold/50 Mithril Silver.

    Step 8: Finishing Touches.
    Paint the eyes, the laurels and some other lenses (not all of them!) a basecoat of Dark Angels green, followed by a layer of Snot Green, leaving the Dark Angels Green in the corner. Give it a final Highlight of Goblin Green followed by a Skull White dot in the corner. Paint the other lenses with Red (see stage 3) followed by a Skull White dot in the corner.

    Painting the liturgy on the black armour: Use pure Skull White to paint stripes on the armour.

    Step 9: The Base.
    Base the model before you give it a Chaos Black undercoat. Then paint the sand Dark Flesh. Drybrush it with Snakebite Leather followed by Snakebite Leather and Skull White. Lightly overbrush the sand with Skull White to finish the sand.Drybrush the slate with Codex Grey, then Fortress Grey and finaly Skull White. Glue static grass to the base and add some "Sisal", available from the most Garden Shops. Then paint the base rim Bestial Brown.[pagebreak]

    The End. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Comments are very welcome. Avalorionas
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