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  • Centurus Clone - step by step :)

    This article is the step by step for a centurus clone made by rackham

    First of all... the base! i always do the base first... it helps me to choose the right mood for my mini ^_^ (don't look at the base in the painting mini process because it was changed a lot in the process so i prefer to post the final result colour scheme ^_^)

    1. THE BASE

    the red structur comes from a pepper cap. I broke a side (almost an half) then i filled it with insulation foam. i cracked the foam to make it seem like a ruined terrain then i filled the gaps with GS. i drilled a large hole into the foam then i stuffed in it a big pen cap, made the same for 2 little other tubes. i cut a alluminium mesh then i bent it slightly and ruined it on the edges, then i put it into the foam. i covered the top of the base with gs, then i flattened and smoothed it with a flat sculpting tool, then i cut it (not so good with gs sorry...) to make steel plates (they seem a little bit gummy... not so sharp but it was my first try so i was kinda satisfied ^_^). i took a piece of sprue and i modelled it with a dremel to make a small chimney. then i cut away a front rhino window to make the tiny floor stained glass. I cut a brass rod to make a broken optical cable and i glued on the base... and now...


    I started with a Chaos black coat on the texturized foam, then sprayed 3 coats of Chaos Black Spray. I started to drybrush the sand with:
    -Catachan Green + Scorched Brown + Codex grey
    -Adding Rotting flesh and fortress grey
    -Pure fortress grey
    Then i washed the whole sand with thinned catachan green mixed with Lich Purple.
    I painted the mesh with codex grey highlighting it with fortress grey and making little light spots on edges with Skull white and fortress grey. Then i washed it with thinned coats of Dark Flesh, then i made small rust dots with Dark flesh + Blazing orange. The big tube was painted with semi-NMM tecnique. Based it with dark flesh + scorched brown + codex grey then higlighted it with fortress grey till i reached pure Fortress grey, making a small highlight line on the edge with fortress grey + skull white. The small tubes were painted with the same style just with slight different coulors... (one with a scaly green base, the other one with a vomit brown base). The slime coming out from the big tube was painted with scaly green mixed with catachan green, highlighting it with camo green then small dots of rotting flesh, then 2 thinned coats of Gloss Varnish. The other slime drool was made with lots of coats of GW water effect (free hommage if i had to buy it... nevermind! just use vinavil...) mixed with catachan green, then Water effect mixed with camo green. I drybrushed slightly the area around the slime with catachan then camo green to obtain a sort of "dried" slime oxidation. I painted the optical cable with chaos black + scorched brown then highlighted it with vomit brown, then i painted a small OSL at the end of the cable. The small chimney and the stained glass window were painted in the same way. Chaos black + scaly green, highlighting it with hawk turquoise + fortress grey till pure fortress grey. I filled the "window" with gw water effect mixed with skull white do give a dull glass effect. The metal plates were painted with a mix of scorched brown and scaly green, highlighting them with dark flesh and fortress grey, keeping in mind i want the global light source coming from our right (then centurus' left). Small blood stains were painted with scab red and highlighted with dark flesh.
    That's all for the base... we can pass to the mini!

    I realized it would be impossible to paint the mini with the halberd attached so i preferred to mount it later. First i carefully filed all the molding lines on the mini, then i glued on the back two Saurus spears tips, then sculpted a little bit of flesh like it was bio-molded to the rear blades, then i gave to the mini a spraycoat of Chaos Black. First of all i choosed to start with the armour, but i didn't want a simple gray armour... so i searched something more complex.

    all the armour parts (yes not only the shoulders and the torso armour) was painted with the mix:
    -scorched brown 20% + regal blue 20% + rotting flesh 20% + codex grey 40 %
    -highlight with rotting flesh
    -highlight with bleached bone, then skull white light points.

    i gave a soft oxidation to the armour plates with washes of thinned dark flesh, then painted the Mutagenic fluid with hawk turquoise and scaly green + a lot of skull white washes...
    The skin on the abdomen, throat and on the back was painted with catachan green + lich purple + rotting flesh, highlighted with rotting flesh then washed with various super-thinned coats of scaly green, lich purple and dark flesh. The skull and the mask were painted with fortress grey base then highlighted with skull white then washed with thinned coats of scaly green + skull white. The arms' skin, to represent the Mutagenic fluid injection, were painted in a different way, blending the previous skin mix with hawk turquoise, highlighting it with rotting flesh.THE BRASS PARTS
    I painted the brass parts with:
    -Base with scorched brown 40% + scaly green 60 %
    -highlight with desert yellow
    -highlight with rotting flesh + bleached bone, then light points with skull white
    -wash with thinned scaly green + hawk turquoise.
    The cape was painted with codex grey + scaly green + chaos black then highlighted with codex grey + rotting flesh + scaly green then i did small freehands on it addin more and more rotting flesh to the mix... Then finally i mounted the halberd!
    The blade was made (after a light reflection study) with:
    -fortress grey 70% + regal blue 15% + desert yellow 15%
    -highlight simply with skull white
    -darkening with chaos black
    The inner part of the blade was painted with Scorched brown highlighted with dark flesh. The halberd pole was painted with catachan green + scorched brown + scaly green highlighting with rotting flesh, and the gems were painted with chaos black + fortress grey + hawk turquoise highlighting it slowly with skull white.


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