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  • How to make Snow Bases (revised)


    I did not invent, think up or create the Snow Base concept you are about to see. I just took some new info and compiled them into this tutorial. The original tut can be seen here: But if you have trouble with Fizzing and Bubbling Baking Soda, use this | This would be due to low PH value, like in the nordic countries |


    - PVA Glue |White Glue Any hobby store has this glue |
    - Bicarbonate of soda or also called Baking Soda. | Get it in your local store |
    - An empty plastic cup. | Obviously... |
    - A mixing container. | Top of spraycans, or tupperwear boxes work perfectly |
    - A mixing stick. | Wrong end of a brush or a sculpting tool works well |
    - The base or whatever you are using it on. | Can be used for terrain and any other surface you want |
    - Skull White paint | Or the white paint from the series your using |

    This tutorial tells you how to make Snow Bases, if your having problems with the original found here: Thanks to NWMP for the tut and Ninjato for giving the info I'm about to unrawel, and of course myself for writing this and testing it on my own minis :P

    Pictures will be added later on.

    1) Start out with a bit of water in your mixing container, and add some baking soda and let it fizz and bubble for a while.

    2) Once the baking soda stops fizzing and bubbling, add some PVA glue to the water, at least 75% of your mix should be PVA glue. You should end up with a gritty paste which we will call snow.

    3) Now take your base or terrain piece and paint it white where the snow needs to be. Important! Cover the areas totally with white paint!

    4) Apply the snow to the area's you have painted white! Apply the snow in random piles. NOTE! The piles will shrink about 20-25% | depending on the amount of water you mixed in | So don't be affraid to add a bit more than you normaly would.

    5) Put the base or terrain piece away for a while.

    6) You now have a nice snow base! Enjoy!!


    - Too much water will make the mix runny and impossible to add to "edges" of bases or terrain pieces.
    - If the white paint haven't covered the area, the colour will shine tru the snow! Be sure to paint it fully!
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      Planetbod -
      Here is my take on the snow for basing, with added sparkle!
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