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  • How to paint nmm bashed up metal

    Behold! Shawn R.L.’s technique for painting bashed up metal:

    Here is a very much enlarged example of how I did the bashed up metal on the Mech Ork.

    1 - Base colour

    2 - Dab/swish on whatever grey you will use for the metal underneath. Don’t be neat.

    3 - Dab/swish on a bit of darker metal colour.

    4 - Dab/swish on light grey.

    5 - Touch on some pure white here and there. Especially on the corners and edges.

    What you’re doing is NMM just without the blending.
    Hope this helps.

    If anyone wishes to copy or use this article, they need to contact Shawn Lux (Shawn R.L.)
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