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    I wrote this article mainly for necron players, because they will have the necessary supplies, but any one can buy what they need in GW's online shop.
    First, you will need some nesscary supplies. Simply put, you will need a needle file, wire cutters, superglue, a base, and most important, the awesome translucent green sprue leftover from those little rods necrons use. to start off, cut a piece with no bumps in it about 1-2 in. long.Place the file flat on your work surface and drag each "face" (there are four) back and forth to file down the surface.You're looking to slightly dull the rod so that the finished result blends in with itself. Arter you do that, you will need to file each of the edges at an approximate 45 degree angle.Two oppisite sides filed.All 4 sides filed downOnce you have all the sides filed down, you will nees to cut it. Cut with wire cutters, not a hobby knife!!! You can also cut it at an angle so it looks like it has grown out of the ground. Also, cover it with your hand so it does not fly into your eye or somewhere else.Once you have cut up all your sprue into crystals, set them to the side, for now you need to make your base. Before you glue down your crystals, you'll need a place to put them. If you use sand, gravel, or any other basing needs, glue them down first. Be sure to leave a small 'hole' in the gravel to put the rods. (in the photographs, I have removed the model for clarity)You will also need to paint everything, that is your miniature and base, before gluing your rod in place.Glue your rod in place with superglue or epoxy. pva and wood glue is not good for gluing plastics.As this article comes to a close, I would like to present a couple tips:You can also use the clear sprue from flying bases for a cleaner effect.If you want more depth, you can hilight the very edge with white.If you don't have the green or clear sprue, you can use regular sprue and paint it.
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