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    Objective markers. Many missions use them, but most people use counters, like pennies, or poker chips, which look VERY UGLY. If you like that look, by all means, don't read this article. Then there is the option to go and buy little pieces to use. 15 dollars for 3 chunks of resin! Absurd. Anyways, I present a third option. Make Your Own. It isn't that hard, and i'm here to tell you how to do it. First off, you will need 1 thing. Your Bitz Box. You should have one by now if you're reading this. In your bitz box, you will need: extra plastic parts, bases, found items, etc...To start, glue bitz & pieces on to a base, or even cereal box cut into a small circle or other shape. Now keep in mind what your objective marker is for. EX: If the marker is for a lost weapon shipment, don't put a dead [insert enemy army] guy on the base, but instead put a crate and some extra bolters and lasguns.And the last step, paint it. The actual item's color can be themed to your army, but make sure the base is generic so it will fit into almost any board. 'Tis my second article, hope you like it. And leave comments. They are always appriceated.
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