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    Here is the summary of the steps I took to do my particular take on the Orks for the World of Minis charity project for Children in Need.  There is nothing groundbreaking here, I just wanted to give my take on how I did the skin on this Burna Boy for the project.  I have never used the Citadel Paints, so I apologize in advance to those of you who will have to convert my paint scheme.  For this particular project, I used Vallejo Model Colors (VMC) and Reaper Master Series (RMS).
    The paints I used are:
    VMC Black
    VMC Flat Green
    VMC SS Camo Bright Green
    VMC Golden Olive
    RMS Linen White
    RMS Clear Plum
    RMS Desert Sand 
    Step 1: Primer the mini
    After prepping the mini, I primered him with Vallejo Game Color Brush-on Primer.  It was the only thing I had available; I won’t argue the merits of white vs. black primering here.  I have also added some greenstuff to simulate burned skin as well.

    Step 2: Black undercoat
    I undercoated the mini with VMC black, thinned 1:2 with water.  Again, let’s not argue the merits of primering in black.  Sure it would have saved a step, but who’s counting?

    Step 3: Flat Green
    I have added a fairly thick layer of VMC Flat Green, again thinned to 1:2 with water.  This will really become the shading tone for the ork.

    Step 4: SS Camo Bright Green
    Now I start to thin the paints more, going to 1:3 with water.  I begin highlighting the upper portions of the arms and face with the VMC SS Camo Bright Green, layering it with the Flat Green as I move to the underside of the arms and face.  This is really going to be the “basecoat”. 

     Step 5: Golden Olive
    The true highlighting begins in earnest here.  I have thinned the VMC Golden Olive to 1:4 with water and am selectively picking out the raised parts of the face, lips, hands, and upper arm musculature.

    Step 6: Additional highlighting
    Here I am highlighting with two different colors to try and differentiate the burned skin on the right side of the body from the normal skin on the left.  I have taken a mixture of 1:1 RMS Linen White: Golden Olive, thinned again to 1:4 or 1:5 with water.  I am hitting the top of the ear, lip, knuckles, and a smaller area of the upper arm muscles.  For the burned skin, I have mixed 1:1 Desert Sand to Golden Olive.

    Step 7:  Final Highlights
    The last step is highlighting the very tip of the ear, a small area on the biceps muscle, and the protruding lower lip with a very thin layer of RMS Linen White.  For the burned skin, I did a wash of RMS Clear Plum to help distinguish it from the non-burned skin and add a bit of contrast.  Finally, I went over the skin selectively with a very thin wash (perhaps 1:10) of the SS Camo Bright Green, to try and smooth any transitions.

    I hope you find this helpful!

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