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    Basics of getting started on CoolMiniOrNot
    So there you are, you've painted a mini and now you want to show it to the world, but then you get stuck.

    This article will try to get you onto Coolminiornot (CMON) set up your username and then upload pictures to the site.
    On the right hand side of the screen under Account functions click the link called Sign up
    A screen very much like this one should appear.

    On here enter all of the relevant information, a word of warning though you may be stuck with your user name for a while so make sure its one that you are happy with.
    Okay so now you are on CMON and you want to start adding photos, well to begin with lets have a look at the toolbar .

    Add/edit pictures is the link that you need.
    When you're here enter all the relevant info about your model and click add your picture.
    Now your model won't appear in the gallery straight away. It waits until it can be moderated to make sure that it is suitable for posting. This may take a little while but be patient, if it takes more then a couple of days it may be that the image size is to big you may want to size it down a bit. Try the GIMP for a free program that's similar to photoshop, if you have that or another program like it already, brilliant.
    So there you are your model will soon be on the 'net for all to see.
    I hope you enjoy this site and keep your eyes peeled there should be more beginners articles like this one coming soon!
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