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  • Small Background for Photographing Models

    This article outlines the process for creating a small portable background for photographing your miniatures. For this project, you will need:

    Sheet Styrene .010 or .020 thick
    Spare sprue frame roughly the same size of the sheet styrene
    Super Glue
    Clippers or Knife for sprue cuttingStep 1.Score the sprue halfway down on the long sides of the rectangular sprue, and flex the sprue to snap at the score lines to bend the frame at a 90 degree angle.Step 2.Cut two triangles out of sprue material, and glue them into the void created from snapping the sprue at the scored lines to reinforce the 90 degree bend.Step 3.Place the sheet styrene against the sprue frame and cut notches into the sprue to anchor the styrene.Step 4.Position your miniature, and photograph away!With my less thn adequate light and ancient camera, you will get an image that looks like this:I hope you find this article useful!
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    1. Big Larry's Avatar
      Big Larry -
      Good idea!
      Now i have something to do with my hoard of sprues
    1. JoeChu's Avatar
      JoeChu -
      very useful and simple method! wonderful!
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