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  • metallic oxydiation, weathering and the like.

    Hopefully, this little article will help you with some weathering techniques for both metal and nmm painting styles.For this article I will be mainly using citadel colour, with the exeption of vallejo smoke.I know this isnt an article about nmm, so it may not help with the theory of nmm, but it is mainly for nmm colour reference.nmm weatheringI primed this mini in black, and covered any missed areas with watered down black paint:I then made a mix of scorched brown,enchanted blue, snot green and water6:2:2:1, respectively)and painted this thinly onto the metalic areas.

    I then mixed in a little bestial brown into this mix and put this on the areas that most of the light would hit the model.
    This is what it looks like on the pallette:

    I mixed a wash of enchanted blue, snot green and a spot of skull white with water.(5:5:1:9)

    I washed this all over the metal areas. do not worry if it looks messy, as it will look good when it is dry.This is what it looks like once it is completely dry. Dont try to blow dry it, as the wash will run out of place. I re-painted most of the metallic areas with the scorched-bestial mix, leaving the 'green' wash in the recesses.[pagebreak]I mixed some golden yellow into the bestial brown, and painted this again, over the bestial brownI 'glazed' pure golden yellow over the previous colourI mixed in gradually more white to the yellow, untill pure white, which I dotted to simulate where the light has hit the mini.Once this had dried I mixed 'Vallejo smoke' with a touch of blue and green, and watered it down.[pagebreak]I glazed this over the recesses, of the 'green' wash, to create more of a shadow.Then I glazed pure smoke, watered down into the most deppest of recesses.The metal on the mini finished:

    I will post the completed mini later, when it is finished.<pagebreak>metallic weatheringThis will show how it can be applied to metalic paints.Again I primed my mini black then covered up places, where the primer missed with watered down black paint.I mixed scorched brown with shining gold, and water.(3:5:2)

    This will need two coats, with complete dry time between, or you could not use water, but it can loose the detail of the mini.Once this was dry, I mixed up the same 'green wash' as before (enchanted blue,snot green,a touch of white, and water- 5:5:1:9 -respectively) and washed it over the mini.I I used a desk lamp and aimed it at the mini to speed up the drying process.

    Once this is dry, mix mithril silver into the scorched-gold mix, and drybrush this quite heavily over the mini Then mix more mithril into the mix, then drybrush more lightly over the mini.This is the metal finished.<pagebreak]metalic rust.I primed my mini black then covered up any prmier misses watered down black paint.I basecoated the blade with dark flesh.Once this was dry, I stippled bestial brown over the bladeI then stippled a mix (1:1) of bestial and blazing orange over the bladeI stippled pure orange over the bladeThen an orange yellow mix (1:1) over that, but lighter than before.On the edges, I 'scratched' chainmail on the blade edge to give the impression of the used edge.fin.I hope you liked it, im outta here. sSpecial thanks to Dragonsreach!
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