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    Currently taking aircraft maintenance at school I have found a rather quick and simple way to produce razor wire coils.  Things you will need are:-1. Lock wire twisters (safety twisters)2. Safety wire3. Something to wrap the wire around.4. Diagonal cuttersFirst, cut off a length of wire off of a spool. The length of the piece of wire to be used is determined by the Length you want your razor wire to be. The wire should be cut to be slightly longer than twice that distance. The next step is to take the middle of the wire and twist it around a strong small diameter object. Using Safety Wire Pliers twist the wire until you are satisfied with the look. Release the wire from the tool, and cut off the very ends with a pair of diagonal cutters or wire cutters (many Safety Wire Pliers have a wire cutting feature) Now simply twist the twisted wire around a dowel with the desired diameter.  This of course will produce a shiny razor wire, for a duller wire you can use inconel.  A rusty look can be achieved by allowing steel wool to rust into powder and simply spraying the powder with a mist of water to make it a bit sticky and brushing it on the piece.  This can then be sealed on using clear coat so it won't rub off.Lockwire twisters as well as safety wire can be purchased on line and range in price.
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