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    Playing around with cork sheet and came up with a nice fast way to make damaged or broken brickwork.So thought I would do a article about it for fun.First cut strips from a cork sheet the samples below are around 60mm x 25mm but you do not have to be really perfect about the strips being all the same size..Next decide how tall you want your wall to be then glue all but the top most strip with pva glue on one side, making sure you cover the hole face of the cork.Next stack the cork strips on top of each other, glue side up, and with the last strip (not glued) finishing the wall hight.Now with the glued stack of cork place this in to a vice and leave till the glue has set.  Next take the glued block and run a cut down one or 2 sides about 2 or 3 mm deep.Then prise open the cut with your fingers and rip it slowly from the block..The part just pulled off the glued block of cork is now a wall.The cut into the cork makes smooth undamaged bricks while the part that has been pulled off makes the damaged/crumbling rock.Repeat the cut and pull along the rest of the block and once done you now have a number of broken walls or placed flat a wall that has fell down.All that now needs to be done is put your wall onto a base a slap some paint on it.The smooth part of the wall needs lines painted onto it to out line the bricks.
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      Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
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