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  • Simple dipped flowers for scenic bases

    This tutorial is being done at the request of several people for an explaination on how I do the flowers and cattails on my bases.  The technique is the same for both and is extremely easy and effective.  The supplies are few, just un-diluted white glue, broom grass dyed green and a very fine powder in what ever color you need.  See!  Really simple.  Now lets move on to some flowers.[pagebreak]FlowersThe next flowers can be done in any color. [pagebreak]The best flock to use is made by Delirium Productions.  Their extra fine foam flock comes in almost any color and is fine and stable enough to make great flowers.  These flowers could be added to bushes to look like roses or done as I have done as small ground flowers.I use other techniques for flowers as well but I'll do other tutorials for them.  Experiment and enjoy!
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