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    Hi, I just found a technique for doing rust/oxidised metals which seems to work and just wanted to share this with you guys to see if it will be of use to anyone. Okay, this isn't nmm or Golden Demon standard -and it may even appear a bit 'basic' to some people- but it's just something which I found whilst experimenting one day.(BTW, this is all citadel colours, as I don't have any experience with paints from another company).I was doing a Games Workshop LOTR armoured troll for a store competition and I wanted to give the impression that it;s armour was pretty rusted.Most rust effects I've seen tend to be based upon a more shiny, grey-metallic/steel colour, but I figured that the Trolls live in dank + dark caves most of the time and that (due to the orc propensity for shoddy workmanship and lack of patience and wanting to churn out lots of armour as fast as they can) Trolls won't have access to high quality stuff like steel...instead, they have to make do with basic irons, copper and some bits of bronze and rough alloys of these metals.Start off with a Chaos Black undercoat for the whole model (I guess as most people use).Scorched Brown basecoat for the armour, then Boltgun Metal covering nearly all of the armour plates, but leaving bits of Scorched Brown as shading in the recesses/joints/etc.Wash of Flesh Wash ink, then dab/stipple spots of Chaimail over the top (it seems to work better if the Chainmail is uneven).Then a combo wash of 1:1:1 brown, blue and green ink to an equal quantity (to the total amount of ink) of water.I then overlaid a further wash of this mix but adding 2 parts yellow ink (just dabbing it in various places rather than putting it everywhere).You could add a 1:3 green ink to water wash here too.If it looks too bright, you can add a 1:3 chestnut ink to water wash, as this takes a little of the brightness out of it - I find that chestnut ink keeps the colour's richness, whereas brown ink dulls it a bit too much.As far as I can recall, I pretty much stopped there with the ink washes, but keep going if you want to. Finally, I edged the armour in Chainmail, then 1:1 Chainmail and Mithril Silver mix, then used Mithril Silver sparingly as an extreme highlight.Having used Boltgun Metal as a basecoat for the inks, I found that it retained it's irridescence through the washes; the plates shimmer and change colour when you alter the angle of light on the model.I didn't realise it until it was finished, but this was actually the effect which I had been wanting to get all along, as I feel the different colours give the impression that the metal plates are made up of various types of metals which have just been haphazardly melted together, rather than the Orcs employing skill to make a proper compound of one colour.This was a bit of trial and error and no two bits of armour ended up looking the same, but I was pleased with the overall result (which I think quite fits in with the idea of inexpertly-made ramshackle armour).Anyway, grateful for any comments and I hope that this helps?
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