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    My wife and I recently took at trip up to Toronto for our 3rd Wedding Aniversary (16 years together).  While there we took a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum.  The first room I went into I immediately though of CMON and how many great reference photos I could grab.  Now my photography skills are not the best (as can be seen in my gallery) but I think there are quite a few images here that make for great reference shots.  This is my first Article, and I'm not sure exactly how this editor works, so there may be some growing pains as I try to figure this out.I will try to break these up by category by page (this way I think you can bookmark your favourite).  I hope at least someone will find this useful.Here's a Table of Contents if people want to jump to a particular set of pictures:Page 1 - Ancient MinisPage 2 - Japanese ArmourPage 3 - Metallic Armour (Plate and Chain)Page 4 - WoodsPage 5 - Rot (Oxidized Metals Etc)Page 6 - UndeadPage 7 - Horns and BirdsPage 8 - Misc. including a Star Sapphire and a Pot HeadFirst off, not really reference pictures, but I thought I would share these... minis that could be as old as 1700BC:Next Page: Japanese Armour[pagebreak]First a few helmets, one that I thought was a great study for Red, which I took a couple shots of.A couple shots of Armour that unfortunately didn't turn out nearly as clear as I would have liked:And lastly something I just thought was cool, a handgun in a scabbard:Next Page: Knightly Armour[pagebreak]Unfortunately most of the distance shots I tried to take didn't turn out that well, I did get some awesome detail shots though that you can find near the bottom of the page.We'll start with Helmets:And now full armour:Two sets of Chain (doesn't really fit with the above as it's African but it's still metal amour):Saved the best for last, I managed to get some great detail close ups: Next Page: Woods[pagebreak]Not nearly as many cool wood pictures, but I think some of these are still great for reference material, especially the door and cart.Next Page: Rot (Oxidized Metals Etc)[pagebreak]Here is what I expect to be the most popular page.  I was rather happy with quite a few of these shots, especially the Roman Helmet.  What I found most odd was how different it looked in different light.Next Page: Undead[pagebreak]Okay I know they aren't really undead but these fossils seem like great reference material to me.  Included is a real Mummy as well.Next Page: Horns and Birds[pagebreak]I combined these two since I didn't get very many pictures of each.  I thought the horns especially would be useful for anyone Painting and Playing Chaos.Sorry about the quality of this one:The Birds:Next Page: Misc. including a Star Sapphire and a Pot Head.[pagebreak]Okay here's the rest of the shots I got that didn't realy fit in the above category.  My favourite is this Star Sapphire, there was only one light source on this gem and I have no clue at all how the star shaped reflection inside it is formed.  It would be interesting to see some Eldar with these instead of your traditional gems.  Just wish I could have gotten a better picture.Three shots of a Greek Pot...and we finish with a Pot Head:We'll I hope that everyone finds at least one source of reference or inspiration in these pages, heck even if just one person does I will be happy.  Thanks for your time in taking a look.Gilvan Blight
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