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    Well here we go, with no further ado, I give you Static Spiders no more.Needed material to accomplish this:
    1)Superglue2)Steel Wire3)Pin Vice4)Green Stuff5)Xacto Knife6)Modeling tool
    So here we go. (First Step):Take your spider and, with the knife, slice as shown in the picture bellow. You only need to cut at the spider’s articulations. (This should already free the front legs)

    Then do the same for the other four legs. (On the other side of the spider)[pagebreak](Second step):For the back legs, you can easily take them off by following the small crevace’s between the leg and the belly. Gently guide your blade as shown in the pictures bellow till the leg comes off. Do the same for the other leg.

    You should now have a spider that looks like this:
    (Third Step):On a sheet of paper, or in your mind, position the spider as you want it… (Bending Backwards to attack, crawling close to the ground not to be detected, moving across difficult terrain etc.) This is what you are going to try to reproduce.
    (Fourth Step):Smoothly run the dull blade of your knife against the mold lines to eliminate them. You can do the same to smoothen the belly of the spider, if you have removed the back legs.
    (Fifth Step): If necessary, according to the positioning you want to give your spider, you can once more cut the legs in two pieces. (As shown Bellow)

    (Sixth step): You can now start drilling holes at the appropriate angle in each part of the legs. (Be careful not to mix them, I suggest doing one leg at a time). Then with your glue and your steel wire, pin them as shown in the picture bellow.

    You should now be able to assemble your spider in a pose of your liking.
    [pagebreak](Seventh Step):When all is pinned and in a position you like (All has been glued) you can fill the gaps and unnatural parts with green stuff, as shown bellow.

    (Final Step):Fix the movement tray to your liking. You wont be needing the center point of it anymore. To make the spider hold on it, simply drill (With the pin vice) holes for the legs to end in and glue them on each other. If your spider is high up on its legs, it would be a good idea to fill its tummy with green stuff.
    And there you have it, from this:

    You should get something like this:

    So there you have it, my first real conversion, of many more to come. Enjoy...
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