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    Hey everyone! Thanks to the encouragement of Grunts1175 I decided to make an article based off of the step by step tutorial I made for a WIP in the forums. It is a tutorial for making nice tabletop quality nurgle armor. Quick easy and like everyone has told me, very old skool but in a good way! Lets get started!

    First off here is a list of*goodies that will be used in this tutorial:
    GW Rotting Flesh
    GW Camo Green
    GW Catachan Green
    GW Dark Angels Green
    GW Liche Purple
    GW Chaos Black
    Reaper Brush-On Sealer

    This first picture just shows the base coat which is a mix of 50/50 catachan green and camo green. Mixed with around 25% water so that it goes on smoothly.

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    1. Le_tauren's Avatar
      Le_tauren -
      I am sorry why i can`t see the rest of the steps apart from step 1?
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