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  • Speedpainting a Deathwing Terminator

    I've seen many Speedpaint Articles on the net, so allow me to add my version to the quest for the holy grail of getting your army ready for gaming. This guide is for all of those, who doesn't have the time to masterclass a whole army, let alone getting the boxes of miniatures under the bed ready for gaming.Step 1. Preparation.I've chosen a Terminator from the Space Hulk boxed set - lovely detail and great poses. With a sharp hobby knife*I cut off the Blood Angel insignia. I added a few plastic feathers cut from a spare Goblin Spider Rider, apart from that*the model was ready for priming.Step 2. Colour Primer.I sprayed the model with Colour Primer: Skeleton Bone from The Army Painter. Excellent coverage and nice matt surface. Now the model is almost done... almost!Step 3. Basecoating.Now it's time for regular painting. I painted in flat block colours (no highlights, ink washes or outlining); using Goblin Green (GW), Red (Warpaints), Metal (Warpaints), Astronomicon Grey (GW)*and Bacl (Warpaints). Notice how I stick to fairly bright colours - the Quickshade will tone it all down in the next step.If I made a mistake on the Bone, I touched up with a spot of Bleached Bone (GW).Step 4. Shade with Quickshade Dip.Even though it's called a dip, I just painted on the Quickshade also from The Army Painter. I chose the mid dip called Strong Tone.*It's dead easy to use, just remember to shake the tin before use, stick to an old brush (or you'll ruin it for sure), make sure the Quickshade doesn't pool. Next the model is left to dry for 24+ hours outside in the garage - it's nasty stuff...Step 5. Matt Varnish.I finshed off with a few very thin coats of Anti-Shine Matt Varnish to remove the gloss from the dip. That's it! All in all I spend less than 20 minutes on this model. I know it won't win Golden Deamon, but it looks OK for my Deathwing Army.
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    1. GraveRisen's Avatar
      GraveRisen -

      I kid I kid.... I would absolutely never EVER use dips myself, but they really are amazing when you know how to use them. Granted, every dipped army looks the same so you won't have anything unique... but you'll still have solid tabletop quality army.

      Nice article, keep it up
    1. harchunk's Avatar
      harchunk -
      I see when you came to the stage when you "dipped", that looks like a wash is that the same thing basicaly? BTW it is an awesome job!!!
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