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  • Step-by-step Tiger Face on a scratch-built model

    In late June I began to build a space helicopter for my Imperial Guard, mainly as a display piece.
    I wanted to loosely base it on the UH-1 Iroquois, or “Huey” as well as on the Avatar’s choppers. The chopper is to secretly insert IG special forces (the so called Tiger Teams) deep behind enemy lines. Compared to real life, this would be a “Pave Low” mission, and for this the basic color of the chopper would have to be black. To go along with the theme of my IG army I named the model after a Greek God –CHARON, the ferryman in the underworld. The actual display piece would consist of the CHARON together with several members of the Tiger Team and a Callidus Assassin on a section of an aircraft carrier deck, depicting the last briefing and assembling of the team before they launch their night mission behind enemy lines. The special forces would be painted in the standard camouflage pattern of my IG units, while the CHARON would be painted black, but as a little highlight it would carry a tiger image on the fuselage, emphasizing the “Tiger Taxi”.
    This was the plan.

    It began with some pieces cut from plasticard

    and ended in this little bird

    After the initial build of the CHARON, I applied a black paintjob

    After conducting a internet search for tiger images I came across a stunning and gorgeous face of a growling tiger.
    So I started to sketch it out with pencil on the fuselage of the CHARON

    Then I painted the basic eye color with Snot Green

    and used Scarab Red for the mouth and tongue.

    In the next step I applied Tallarn Flesh for the nose and gum

    which was followed by a 1:1 mix of Tallarn Flesh and Solar Orange as base color for the orange fur.

    With Fortress Grey I did the base color for the white fur parts.

    In the next step I sued Bleached Bone for the teeth

    and then Chaos Black for the mayor black areas concluded the basic paintjob.

    For the details I started with shading the orange fur areas by adding some Scorched Brown to the Tallarn/Orange mix.

    The give the eyes more dimension I used Gnarlok Green for the lighter areas and snot Green with a little Scorched Brown for the darker areas

    To highlight the orange fur areas I mixed Bubonic Brown to the initial Tallarn/Orange mix and applied it to the higher areas of the orange fur areas.

    Using a 1:1 mix of Skull White and Fortress Grey I applied the first highlights to the white fur areas as well as spotlights on the nose and eyes

    With pure Skull White I added the final spot- and highlights to the whiskers, teeth, tongue, lips, and eyes

    The final result (still with masking tape and sans the rotors)

    with the rotors

    and a final shot of the current state of the project.

    And the final collage for CMoN

    I hope this little step-by-step was helpful and entertaining to you.
    Klaus, not Santa at Dei Greci
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    1. Papah's Avatar
      Papah -
      Really cool diorama, you did a very good work on the detailing of the helicopter and characters, and also painting. Good to see how this kind of personal ideas come to life. Cheers!
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