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    Black Orc Games Announces Paid to Play Program!

    Helenville, Wisconsin—August 15th, 2003: Black Orc Games, makers of the Hundred Kingdoms miniature mass combat war game and Warband miniature skirmish game, are pleased to announce a new rewards program for its volunteers entitled the Paid to Play program. This new program rewards volunteers who demonstrate Hundred Kingdoms or Warband in their local game stores with cold hard cash from any initial orders, and reorders, that the store places with Black Orc Games. Qualified volunteers, known by the rank and title of Praetorian, earn 5% commission from every order that their associate store purchases in Hundred Kingdoms or Warband product.

    The staff at Black Orc Games realizes the hard work performed by our volunteers. As a reward for their valuable time our new Paid to Play program will include:

    • 5% commission from every order of every store that you sign up to carry our great product lines. You read correct. If you sign up 20 stores to carry our product, you will receive 5% commission off of every one of their orders.
    • 20% discount on all your personal orders
    • $20 store credit for each painting or game demonstrations
    • $100 store credit for major events and conventions
    • Free Legionnaire T-Shirt
    • Free Prize support for your demonstrations and events
    • Free Legionnaire News Letter
    • Plenty of literature and other promotional materials

    To participate in this exciting program, new volunteers are invited to visit and join the community of Hundred Kingdoms’ and Warband fans. Once there, aspiring Legionnaires and Praetorians can download a Legionnaire application and either fax, email, or mail the application to
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