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  • Thunderbolt Mountain Releases Wood Elf Champion

    New Releases for GenCon
    New Releases are here!!!!

    The 30mm Wood Elf Champion is finally here, (it was a lot of trouble). It is available as a foot and mounted version each with a sprue containing 3 head variations, (bare-headed, helmet-visor-up, helmet-visor-down). The foot version is $3 and the mounted version is $6.50. The 30mm Elven scouts make a great addition to our line. A single figure is $3. These figures are also available in a discounted 6-pack. The Goblin weapons sprues are for the heavy goblins. They sell for $.50 for a single sprue or $2 for a 6-pack.

    To celebrate finally releasing the Wood Elf Champion, we are throwing in a free Thunderbolt Mountain t-shirt featuring the Wood Elf Champion for any orders over $50 and containing the Champ. While supplies last of course....

    Please note that since we are in the midst of getting ready to go to GenCon and we are packing up our stock... any orders placed will not be shipped until after we return on 8/16.

    You can see the details on our site
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    1. KingM's Avatar
      KingM -
      You can view the page at
    1. krom1415's Avatar
      krom1415 -
      They look really great, especially the champion, and the 3 head option is a great idea also, I\'m a GW wood elf person, however these are tempting me a lot.
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