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  • KAOSBALL now on KickStarter!

    Kaosball Kickstarter begins!

    Kaosball is a fast paced fantasy sports miniatures game of total domination for up to 4 players!

    Play as one of 4 great pop culture and fantasy themed teams in this crazy mix of football, rugby and magic and bone crunching action!

    There are multiple paths to winning, from straight up scoring to systematically and brutally taking out the other teams!

    Each game takes about an hour, making this perfect for league play over 1 or 2 game sessions - grow your teams as they pick up more special skills, ringers and cash as you vie for the ultimate prize in Kaosball, the Chalice!

    What's in the box?

    60+ highly detailed plastic miniatures and counters
    Four magnetized Team Cards
    Action card deck
    The Kaosball field
    The Kaos Ball!
    So if all this sounds cool, check out the Kickstarter here:
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