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  • Wrath of Kings Kickstarter Update: Kingdom Death Xover!

    We're super pleased that the boys and girls at Kingdom Death:Monster have agreed to let us realize a version of the Twilight Knight right in Arikania!

    This model is a bit of cross over fun, and isn't tournament legal but will have rules.

    Dame Allison, Twilight Knight

    "Sail far enough from the Arikanian mainland, and the mists close in. Chronometers fail, compasses spin, and finding the sun is nigh impossible. Yet, there are lands beyond. Ancient King Arikan himself made the journey, and, on very rare occasion, ships from foreign lands appear on Arikanian shores. The city of Nareh sits on Arikania’s northern shore, beyond Telloria in the hinterlands as yet unclaimed by a Scion nation. Fishermen and traders from this small community often find debris, bodies, and even shipwrecks along the northern coasts. Some have made a business of scavenging the debris. But, perhaps once or twice in a generation, they find a survivor.

    Dame Allison hails from a land where the realm of humankind is on the brink of extinction. She belongs to a mysterious order, charged with keeping and defending the devastated kingdom’s accumulated knowledge. In their few remaining archives were vaguely detailed legends of Ancient King Arikan’s adventures, and she attempted to retrace his journey in the hopes of finding an unspoiled human land, where she might gather allies and reinforcements. In this, she has succeeded, but, alas, is now trapped on Arikania, and embroiled in its own troubles. Her diplomatic efforts have as yet yielded no fruit.

    She owes no allegiance to any Scion nation, but she offers her services to any side that can meet her price. Sometimes she needs gold, sometimes archive access, and sometimes she sees a wrong that needs righting. In battle she is most at home on the front line. Her strange training and enhancements are unknown in Arikania. Magic assaults slide off her, and her light armor gives her the mobility to avoid even the mightiest blows"

    So, how do you get her? She's a limited edition resin miniature going for $10, but please limit yourself to one per Faction Starter.

    Join the Wrath of Kings Kickstarter today!
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    1. thetang22's Avatar
      thetang22 -
      I'll have to be's getting a bit overdone to keep seeing the Twilight Knight show up in all these different Kickstarters.
    1. kingdomdeath's Avatar
      kingdomdeath -
      I actually asked a small pocket of fans whom they would like to see, and she was their #1 choice.
    1. sausage's Avatar
      sausage -
      I don't quite get it. Will this mini be available after the kickstarter is over at this price,without having to buy a set of something?
    1. thetang22's Avatar
      thetang22 -
      Quote Originally Posted by kingdomdeath View Post
      I actually asked a small pocket of fans whom they would like to see, and she was their #1 choice.
      I can understand that...she's sort of the mascot for the company (whether official, or not). I guess I should have been more specific: I'm getting a little tired of seeing Kingdom Death pop up in all these other Kickstarters that don't really have anything to do with the Kingdom Death. This is coming from someone who likes the Twilight Knight, too. It's a form of advertising for the KD brand that is just getting overdone, in my opinion.
    1. Wigdog's Avatar
      Wigdog -
      I for one like the idea of one creator supporting the works of others! Cool miniature that I plan to purchase!
    1. Derca's Avatar
      Derca -
      I backed the project just for that. Huge fan of KD!
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