Here is my latest miniature and my best effort to date. Between 2002-2004, I spent two years and 500-600 hours painting it. I am particularly proud of the extensive freehand painting all over the figure, having over 130 free handed faces, twisted bodies and tormented souls (and some optical illusions and hidden symbology) painted on nearly every square inch of the model. My favorite part is the back of the banner, which I think captures the look, lighting and feel of an ancient oil painting done in the tradition of the old “Realism” masters of the 15-18th century. Yes, this is miniature that was disqualified in the UK 2004 Golden Demon for its use of Religious imagery. My efforts to make horrifying daemon of ancient Gothic evil had its price in competition. Thanks to everyone who did not post pics of my miniature to allow me to reenter the competition--a real tribute to the internet minipainter community. Look for my upcoming article on coolminiornot describing my four year journey through two competitions on two continents, the great people I met, as well as the symbolism on the figure. VICTOR HARDY You may find larger images at Http://dragonforge.com

Posted: 16 May 2006

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Godlike skill and execution of all these freehands. It's truly the masterpiece of art!
23 Mar 2015 • Vote: 10
I can't belive that one!
21 Feb 2015 • Vote: 6
I love it.
23 Sep 2014 • Vote: 10
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