Chaos Chess -Best of Show Mini-Art-Con 2008

This is the biggest project by far I have ever done -250 hours of work at least... I have been working on and off on it for more than a year and am very proud to say that all the hard work was worth it in the end: Chaos Chess won 1st place in the unit-and-diorama-kat plus "best of show" on this year´s Mini-Art-Con. Special thanks have to go to Crackpot for his feedback and hints and to Katie for being my muse and believing in me. Hope you can enjoy it although the piccies are not the best -my little photo-setup is just not enough to capture such huge things... Cheers, Oli

Posted: 10 Mar 2008

9.4 /10 (178 Votes) 13.3k Views

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Time well spend :)
29 Jul 2009
I love it, great work
9 Oct 2008
I can't believe you individually highlighted each of those stones and bricks.... That would have driven me off the edge. Very nice piece.
6 Sep 2008 • Vote: 10
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