Lava Dragon

This should be familiar for the folks who've seen my website, but it's a good mini for my first CMON pic. These are new shots with my digital camera - a lot better than the overbright ones on my site (which will be replaced soon! ;^) Mini is the dragon from the RP box set 'The Antagonists', with the saddle removed and scales sculpted instead. Base is made from Super Sculpey.

Posted: 9 May 2003

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It's very crazy the bases compliment
5 Sep 2012 • Vote: 8
Tell me thats a clear cast with a light bulp inside it and an inkwash. my mouth has been open for too long now looking for your gallery that there is a large puddle of drool accumulating on the floor, at that i bid you good night. P.S im serious, message me, i need tips, from you.
4 Sep 2006
Frikkin' AWE-SOME! That's all I can say!
28 Apr 2006
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