Brother Thiel - Pre Heresy Praetor Pattern Ultramarine

This is my 2011 UK Golden Demon Large scale model Entry. The model was a finalist which I am pretty pleased with as this is the first time In golden Demon. If you have any comments on where you think I might have lost points I would love to hear them as I am trying again next year. The model is based on some old GW artwork showing the Ultramarines around the time of the battle for Calth.

Posted: 26 Sep 2011

8.8 /10 (48 Votes) 5.3k Views

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7 Oct 2011 • Vote: 9
The darker gray splotches on the bolter look off to me, not quite sure why those are there. Otherwise great job!
7 Oct 2011 • Vote: 8
I've seen that pattern in the Horus Heresy art books. I honestly see no faults in the modelling or painting. You get a 10 from me.
5 Oct 2011

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