Eyriss - Mage Hunter

I was so impressed by the miniature when I first held her in my hand I had to build this little scene. More pictures on my website http://www.fantasy-miniatures.de Comments are welcome.

Posted: 14 Apr 2004

8.8 /10 (197 Votes) 8.2k Views

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why isnt this a 10, its amazing and its just perfect, the modeling for this minature is perfect for this diorama and its beautifully painted!
16 Sep 2007
Queen of Credits
One of the most original and best dioramas I have ever seen. Very cool. :)
11 Nov 2006
Gunamar Ironwill
Impressive,dynamic and extremely well painted.I just love the celtic knotwork and the broken glass effec.The face is also very expressive.Really one of the best "action" masterpiece I've ever seen.
28 Apr 2005 • Vote: 10
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