french gd entry (inquisition) view 2

hi to all!!!!!!. this was my french gd 2004 entry. I did it in a week. the face, the legs, the left arm, the hair and the demon (except the hands and the head from the cadia sergeant) and some details like the fire of the banner are made of green putty... the purity seals are made of tin, the same as the banner. the weapon is made of plasticard. it has a lot of plastic parts of other minis to complete the mini. all the details are free-hand drawn the banner resumes the scene idea, the emperor's vindictive angel defeating the evil chaos demon. it passed first a really difficult competition, for me the best i have ever i am happy to know that the winners of my category were allan carrasco, benoit menard and mark you can imagine how much difficult it was. i hope you like it.. please give me your comment..after i see the best golden demon in the history, i realized that i have to increase my level a lot so be half as good as the winners... so all your comments and ideas will be so much apreciate. thanks to all. this was dedicated to all the spanish team ( specially a great artist: luis gomez pradal).....and congrats to our winner mercenary ogryin...eres el amo cabron!!!!!!. what do you think about it!!!?? the other wievs of this scene you can see here:

Posted: 2 May 2004

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shes got lips like pete burns:0)
23 Dec 2006
Hola Alfonso. Muy buena. No la había visto antes. Me gusta especialmente porque cuenta una historia, y eso es muy importante a la hora de presentarla al GD. Enhorabuena. David
1 Jul 2004
You know that there are some errors in this mini but you know that these are because you are very impatient and fast. when you spend more time painting minis you will be one of the best, your level will improve each year more and more better, I hope, I´m sure! I give you a ten for the idea and the demon sculpt (I like it!). sigue mejorando numero 4
22 May 2004 • Vote: 10
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