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About Albert Moreto Font
My name is Albert Moreto Font, and I was born in Barcelona in 1987.

I started painting miniatures back in 1997 at the tender age of 10. The discovery of Games Workshop’s fantasy worlds had an enormous impact on me as a child, opening a gateway to a whole new dimension with endless possibilities. After enjoying the hobby in isolation, if fervently, for most of my childhood and early teens, in 2003 I started meeting other committed painters for the first time and formed great friendships that last to the day. Later on, the rise of the Internet was also crucial to my evolution as a painter, hitherto limited to the rather rudimentary White Dwarf articles.

Between 2001 and 2008 I went on to win many Golden Demons in Spain and the UK. In 2006, aged 18, I won the Best of Show at the UK Golden Demon, lifting the highly coveted Slayer Sword aloft and fulfilling a lifetime’s dreamーand gashing my finger on the way too! I have also been awarded various medals at the World Model Expo, the Monte San Savino Show, and several other contests.

In 2007 I started developing an interest in East Asia, and I set myself the goal of becoming proficient in the Japanese language. For six years I devoted most of my time to the zealous study of Japanese (with subsequent forays into Korean), eventually moving to London and majoring with honours at university, and ultimately settling in Tokyo, where I have now been living for longer than I dare to remember! During these busy and nomadic years I inevitably had to put miniatures asideーnot without twinges of conscience. I did, nonetheless, never fully divorce from miniatures, for I kept following the evolution of the hobby from the dimness of the shadows. It always was a temporary hiatus anyway.

Whilst language acquisition isーmuch like miniature sculpting and paintingーa continuous process of incessant learning and self-improvement, having achieved the fluency I once sought, in 2013 I declared myself free and returned mightily to my clay shapers and kolinsky sable brushes!

Stay tuned!
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