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    Little BIG Puppy

    A sculpt from January or so. Painted in Spring and finally uploaded to CMON now. Basically, a practice project to sculpt bold shapes and large areas. The painting was done to mimick the grey used on my Duchess Death project ( ) Anyway - here is the Little...
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    Article: LITTLE Knight - new model from Runic Miniatures

    You can view the page at
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    Little Knight - new sculpt and paintjob

    Hi, Here is my latest sculpt - a Knight for to defend the princess model I did last year: I sculpted this guy in Winther and painted him as a break while I worked on my Crystal Brush project. The design was made to offer a fun and quick painting experience - I painted...
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    Duchess Death - my Crystal Brush project

    I finally took the time to upload my Crystal Brush entry to CMON. The model took 2nd over all at the competition so I was quite happy with the result. Also, the trip to Adepticon was really great and I got to meet so many nice people and great painters! The WIP thread on CMON...
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    Article: Crystal Brush count-down on

    You can view the page at
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    Crystal Brush count-down - JRN's project

    Hi All, As I am attending the Crystal Brush competition at Adepticon in Chicago in April, I am right now hard at work on my project. Just as I have done a hobby Advent Calender in December to count down to Xmas these past years - I am doing a Crystal Brush count-down - sharing images from the...
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    Article: X-mas Advent Calendar on

    You can view the page at
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    Sculpted daemon face in snow...

    Denmark seldom gets a lot of snow. But both last year and now we have gotten lots. In the weekend I created this for my kids Carved with shovel and hands. Lit wih a few candles and there's a daemon in the front yard! Lots of fun to create. And fun to sculpt in this scale I might add... :)
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    Eldar Ranger

    My latest paintjob a classic early 90s sculpt by Jes Goodwin. The model was both quick and fun to paint. In particular I enjoyed painting the extreme highlights on the sniper-rifle. I hope you like him! More pictures on my website - , plus the voting-link...
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    Princess Fanny - Friend of Frogs

    A sculpting project that took a path towards simple forms, humor, and cuteness. Designing this little girl has been on the way for a long time. I have drawn the princess many times with my children, and finally have gotten around to creating the model. It is my first experience with resin...
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    =I= scale Death Company Space Marine

    Greetings, a few months since my last submission here, but I have been working on a big project. This Death Company marine is a conversion of the Artemis model from GWs inquisitor range. I wanted to do a Black space marine with lots of interesting detailing - so the Death Company came into my...
  12. J

    Roggus - the Fake King

    First submission in almost a year. Roggus the fake King or as I might rename him: the fish King according to the freehand on the scroll. A nice mini - 37 mm from foot to top of the hat - with lots of interesting textures and plenty of room for freehand and blending: Painted for a good...
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    Radagast the Brown

    Hi, It\'s been ages since I posted new work here, but I suppose I have been busy with real life. :) However, here is my interpretation of GW\'s Radagast the Brown. I changed a few bits on the actual mini but otherwise my main addition to the mini is the base. I entered him in GDUK09 in the...
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