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  1. GhostCheese

    Custom Tile: The Bazaar

  2. GhostCheese

    Solo rules 1.3

    just released: Link adds riders and dragons. (not usagi yojimbo or masmorra heroes though)
  3. GhostCheese

    Disappointing missing card from Pets set

    Going through my box I realized that the brand new set was missing the level 6 Vexia enemy card... literally the only one you need for any of the scenarios. (unlike some villians, she doesn't make early appearances in the campaign) I'm kind of at a loss -- i mean i found the missing card on...
  4. GhostCheese

    question on diagonals (LOS and beastman spear)

    if heroes are setup like this: if Maya attacks the Goblin Archer with a ranged attack, (since corners dont block LOS on a diagonal, and allies dont block LOS) can the goblin payback with a ranged attack or does the combined wall + two allies kiddy-corner to it block line of sight for the...
  5. GhostCheese

    Rules for Hitch with Joey (pet)

    If Hitch is in a square with Joey, I assume he'd have to exhaust Joey-stored attacks as if they are in his own inventory -- however if he was on a square with both Joey and another hero, could he then use the attacks withotu exhausting them as if they were in the other hero's inventory? I know...
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