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    Khador Reactor -Warmachine battle terrain

    Here, took almost a year. But how it is happening -u start from army painting and soon u dont want to play on piece of cloth ) WIP: thank u!
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    Images are missing(((

    Hi, long time ago I posted several works through link from one photostorage website. Since then, recently, that website closed and images do not open anymore. I still see them in my gallery list but image page is not opening anymore. Example...
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    dioram with skavens and epic metal soldier...and car from Dishonored)))

    Intital idea was to create "atmospheric " background for my painted steamminis. Ended up with obscessive compulsive labor and this dioramm Hope you like it..or not happy to see your opinion ))
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    Antheus, big chicken

    What can be a possible result if the famous Metal Gear genetically (randomly) mixed with a steam boiler? Something probably a gracious as a giant metallic chicken with a slight Victorian steampunkish scent Meet the ugly one, hope, however that you like it, may be, somehow...
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    Ork scout tank

    Just a small conversion, inspired by Grot tanks Bright, red and fast- as it should be for greenskins Hope you like it, the rest can be demolished here
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    Lonely Titan

    This is the second part of one old work Idea was taken from WArhammer 40K - pompous emperors, spicemarines, titans... vote?
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    Six updates of one old work

    Hi After finishing steampunkish big bipedal scratchbuild \"steamgear\" I spent time gathering a small collection of his main towers - based on different ways of enemykill :flame: Again made from lot of modelling trash :redface: So two parts are here: part1 part2 I would be happy if you left...
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    Tesla T-34, Red Army strikes back!

    Hi The last Red Alert was a quite good game, however I prefer the first one (Einstain killed Hitler and Stalin attacked Europe)lol This series of the PC game is a nice parody, and for me, as Russian, it is always a pleasure to see armored bears, teslatroops and mammonth tanks :twisted: so I...
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    Steam Gear Solidor

    So, it is just next work in my favorite brutal steampunk style :D It was created from lot of staff , mainly different tank details, but LEGO, nasal spray bottle and plane engine also participated. there are also voting point of my pride destruction and, of course, some fan :redface...
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    only if you like Half-Life 2

    And consider it as a great game. Because I was so inspired that made one little synthet. As usual -from styrofoam, plastic and other trash Hope you will like it:D VOTE POPULI PS only for proportions PPS For whom, who dont know half life...
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    a small piece of Titan

    The mighty Titan was lost at the desolated planet during one of numerous human crusades. Sand covered his colossal body, however all vital mechanic organs were preserved in dry air and still functional. Khmm...;) it is supposed that the most impressive parts of this colossus are hidden by sand...
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    steam fly

    Lot of heat, noise and pollution. Real danger for the global warming. Criticize urgently! And sink its rating - for the greater good! :drunk:
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    steam power plant or a pencilbox?

    Let me intoduce another usefull fanstuff.:( It was made from an ordinary pencilbox but decorated, painted with aero for some steampunk idea - the idea of an old steampunk power plant. So you can say -if it is success or failure? Comments and critics are welcomed! Enjoy:) other views and...
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    One ugly, dirty mechanical device

    I made this giant mole from styrofoam, as usual. An whole idea was taken from one old computer warhammer-based game (don\'t think if anybody remember it :D ) PS Thanks to Danon Yogurt company for elegant form of their bottles -it helped... and coolminogallery If you hate it strongly...
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    steam dreadnought - conversion

    I tried to cook this converted dreadnought in steampunk style. :) For this purpose parts of usual GW dread were assembled in other order :), right hand was made from styrofoam (all that is white in unpainted mini), lot of green stuff and clock wheels were added and all was glued, painted, shot...
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    fanstuff for true imperial enginer

    I made this \"steampunk device\" using the almost Arcanum technical schema which included one glass, some wire and clock, pen details. The result has proud name \"Maximus Bramus\'s Unique Saver of steam and high temperature for tea and other hot drinks \" :flame: This is not a mini that is why...
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