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    Article: LOTR Last Alliance Elf

    You can view the page at
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    Was there ever a badge

    or a means of ID\'ing onself as a member of this site at a convention by way of a Tshirt or ...??
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    Who else uses comics as painting references?

    I have an extra set of Desperadoes: Quiet of the Grave on Ebay. It\'s 5 issues in new condition but it\'s a dang cool story if you like a Haunted West setting. Click here if you\'re interested in bidding ... But most importantly I want to suggest that comics in general are pretty good...
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    Rackham matte

    Does anyone know specifically what Rackham painters (on their website and cards) use as a sealer if any? My god those figures are dead flat. Theere\'s not a trace of gloss on there. Are they lightly dusted with flour or something? I personally use Testor\'s Dull cote but even that leaves...
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    Very cool paintings

    Trevor\'s painted rocks posting reminded me of these crazy sidewalk illusions. Some I can see immediately how they are done and others I have to look at for a while. Aren\'t those great? I can\'t even pick a fave though...
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    How much would you pay?

    There\'s been a lot of interesting back and forth on GW\'s latest price increases. Up until this one I\'ve been fine - I do alright money-wise and I personally have been able to absorb most of them. But now I find it hard to justify the latest increases. Understand up front that I think GW...
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    It\'s official! Employment eludes me no longer. So from New York to Monterey I move now to Fresno California! Home of the... uh .... Sam Peckinpah? Who knows this area? What\'s going on in Fresno in terms of painting and clubs and gaming and all that? I see Epic Worlds is down the street...
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    What are the specific reasons someone will snipe a particular mini?

    Not another posting about voting!! Yes friends there is ... the topic just never gets old and I want to help understand it. We all agree sniping happens to some extent but I\'m curious as to what the motivation might be. And in the end, after say 50-100 votes, are you the painter in basic...
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    It was touching to see

    the small tribute to Ray Charles but there wasn\'t one for Ronald Reagan. Are there no fans here? To me he was an interesting mix of great good as well as great evil but mostly I thought it was odd no one wanted to pick that topic up. Even if he was a Rebublican he was at least a U.S...
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    Comments? I believe this is a singular entry Any comments on this? I have very mixed feelings on it myself and this is the first I\'ve seen something here this explicit. I have no problem with nudity or sexuality or even porn and though I won\'t advocate a ban here I am sensitive to the fact that many...
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    Alright, where are we?

    Who is caught up and has voted on every miniature on here? I once was within 2000 and now I\'m closer to 8000 down ... damn ... damn ....
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    Old Glass bottles

    I\'m going through my old Polly S jars and so many are casualties. (All dried up) I was thinking I could pine sol them all and keep the jars for something but the question is: What? I don\'t know if I want to put mixes in there as they dried up before and may well do so again. What else could...
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    Article: Easterling Painting Guide

    You can view the page at
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    What do you get when you cross Sherlock Holmes, Edgar Allen Poe, Jack the Ripper, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, steam punk, Hong Kong fight choreography and moody Franco-Gothic design? You get a damn fine inspiration for a Victorian Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror game. This French language...
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    Who loves Judge Dredd??

    At a comic convention recently I picked up all the Batman/Judge Dredd arcs .. holy crap those are good... I see Foundry makes some figs and also Heroclix\'s Indy line has some as well. That\'s all ... nothing of import ....
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    Is this something only I would love??
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    Right, what\'s \'e done now??

    The PoW I mean . . . It\'s illegal to broadcast the \"allegations\" but from what I\'ve been able to gleen is that he was on the receiving end of an unnatural act at the er ....hands of one of his servants. True? False? A result of the English Public School education?
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    Olleys Armies

    Holy cow ! Have you folks seen these? He clearly - though I\'m not 100 percent certain- worked for Reaper before as the Orcs are spot on same design. The Ghouls look particularly nasty . . .
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    Starting with Green stuff - whole figures

    Ok, I\'ve used greenstuff to do the odd tombstone, fill in cracks, crevasses, build up bases, build out hats or make stone walls and all that. But now I have some armatures and I want to try doing a figure from scratch. The ideas I have are solid, well thought out and complete. I got the...
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    About Stripping

    Two questions: Premise: I submerged several figures in Pine Sol for 48 hours. After a rinsing and a scrubbing with a toothbrush I find the paint is still extremely difficult to come off. I really don\'t want to loosen all that remains with an Xacto as I am extremely lazy. Question: Has...
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