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  1. werwolf

    Sister Ilsa swampy basing.

    Hi to one and all ! Here's a big tutorial about the basing of my latets job Sister Ilsa.
  2. werwolf

    Werwolfs Wip

    Hi all ! Actually working on a Troll from Dust Anastyr. On white primer skin is painted with Catachan and goblin green GW , shadows with Chaos black and Liche purple GW ,ligths with Bronzed fleshtone ( game color Vallejo). For the pink parts the base is a mix of scab red and dwarf flesh washed...
  3. werwolf

    Article: Alambic Miniatures Ocotber News

    You can view the page at
  4. werwolf

    Article: News Alambic Miniatures

    You can view the page at
  5. werwolf

    Alambic Miniatures Ocotber News

    Hi to one and all, this month we announce Rork Long-legs, sculpted by Rémy Tremblay, 30mm and painted by myself. Hop you' ll enjoy it !
  6. werwolf

    News Alambic Miniatures

    Hi one and all ! Alambic Miniatures is proud to announce new products now avalaible. Here are two incredible sculptjobs from Patrick Masson aka TheSmall. The first one is the stunning STEAMTHING, and the second one is a poetic YOUNG LADY BUST. Enjoy ! Alambic...
  7. werwolf

    AlamBic Miniature

    Hello to one and all! After months of preparation time has finally come to deliver our first brew ! Alambic Miniature is a brand new project based on minis, busts and other less classifiable ventures in various scale aimed at painters, and maybe others if the future is favorable. We invite you...
  8. werwolf

    Article: New Miniature range : Artefactory !

    You can view the page at!
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