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  1. Seoman

    CoolMiniOrNot incoming features and feedback

    Not sure if I'm not doing something wrong: Let's say I browse the gallery. I scroll down to the bottom of the page. I see paging buttons for, like, 0.25s, and then immediately next page loads, no chance to click them. Let's say that I want to start from the page 1345 - that's ok, I use url...
  2. Seoman

    CoolMiniOrNot incoming features and feedback

    Browsing: - I would like to have a filter "I rated/I didn't rate". Considering that I rated tens of tousands of figures, it would be nice to have this history :) - why is paging gone? Infinite scroll is impractical and hard to navigate. Let's say I want to look for something specific that...
  3. Seoman

    CoolMiniOrNot incoming features and feedback

    What I miss: - when I evaluate a figure, there is no change for the next one, I have to manually click "next" button. - the order of the figures during evaluation is derived from the sorting order in the main view, there is no selecton algorithm (!!). In the previous version, the algorithm was...
  4. Seoman

    Kindly asking for votes (again)

    Stuck at 45 votes for... seven years now? Quite a long time. Please take a look. White Tiger - a tribute to Bolo Yeung by Hasslefree. Brings back memories... My first real attempt at freehand. Best regards.
  5. Seoman

    Kindly asking for votes

    Stuck at 42 votes for months now. Please take a look. Druuschan Jotun - seeing this figure many years ago made me want to paint minis. Best regards.
  6. Seoman

    New submissions - general complaint

    I have a custom of clicking, clicking, clicking and voting, voting, voting in my spare time. Usually it's pretty nice but from some time I get really upset from some of new submissions. Reasons: 1) RESOLUTION! Sadly, there is no more horizontal resolution cap. Sometimes people make pictures with...
  7. Seoman

    How to paint an oil puddle?

    Hello there, I'm planning to spill some oil under feet of my terminator with little waves on it. I searched the internet for some real life examples, but I would gladly see how others did it on their minis - simplification of the real life. I digged half of CMON but no luck there. Any links...
  8. Seoman

    Trazyn the Infinite

    Hello there, My first submission thread :) Recently I have painted a Necron. A lot of metal, so I chose to practise my NMM skill - but can't really judge the result. I would gladly hear some opinions on that. The base - I glued it from old credit cards, some cork and plastic. It was meant to...
  9. Seoman

    New Citadel Paints - adaptation and recipes

    Hello, Since few weeks I've been using new Citadel paints. It's new to me, I've been painting with Vallejo Game Color for years. Well, colors are different, so my old ways of creating various effects need to change. I tried this and that, but I'm curious, what are your methods of painting: -...
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