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  1. Hendarion

    Striking Scorpion

    Hey, folks. Personally I would have expected that mini to be 9+, but I may be heavily biased of course. What do you think made the score to be lower and what should I improve on? Cheers
  2. Hendarion

    1-Point-Votes - why do people do it?

    1-Point-Votes on my Warp Spiders - why do people do it? I really don't get why people do 1-point-votes on minis. I had a rating of 8.7 with 26 votes and with 27 votes it dropped to 8.4. That means someone voted 1 point on the minis. Why do people do that? I mean, if I don't like some minis, I...
  3. Hendarion

    rank.php not working?

    I saw Dragonsreachs signature and it says #9286/9286 So I checked my own url and yea... when opening it, it says #9286/9286 It's broken?
  4. Hendarion

    Annual Submission Ratings

    Hi. I got a message to submit pictures for the Annual 2014. In the links where I can upload the images, the ratings shown are not what all other pages say. For example a 9.0 shows as 8.3 there. An 8.8 shows as 8.4 and an 8.1 shows as 7.9. What's up with that? Greetings
  5. Hendarion

    Voting bugs?

    Hi. Somehow I have a weird behaviour when voting on the page. I'm logged in, but neither does it increase the number of votes I have made (it stuck on "You have voted on 6121 out of 172183 minis!"), nor can see the voting I gave them when searching for minis. On older items I can still see the...
  6. Hendarion

    Glossy black material painting

    Hi. I already tried to study how black glossy material looks and how the highlights and reflections apply and tried to use that on a miniature's weapon, but I'm not satisfied with how my things started up. I wonder if there's some kind of reference miniatures with armours or weapons painted...
  7. Hendarion

    Acrylic matt/glaze medium

    Hi. So today I got some matt medium as a present. But it looks milky - white. The description also says it will dry slightly milky. So basically I fear it is useless for me. What manufacturer/brand can you recommend for acrylic matt medium and/or glaze medium? It should not alter the hue/look...
  8. Hendarion

    Looking for ghostly paintings

    Hi. For a future project, I'm searching for inspiration about the colours. It should be some ghostly look. The mini itself is not important, but the shading should be like a ghost... pale. I'm thinking of something similar to that one: It is really in the...
  9. Hendarion

    Painting inside grooves

    Hi. Is there any trick how to easier fill grooves with a black line? I mean nearly exactly such grooves like on an Eldar Falcon, just maybe 2/3 of that size, so maybe 0.7mm thin. So far I've used a simple slim brush, but who knows, maybe someone has a neat trick?
  10. Hendarion

    Image search

    Hi. Maybe it's just me, I don't know, but since yesterday the search-bar on the main page seams somehow broken. I enter the search name as always, but after having done the search, the name-field is empty again and I get listed everything. If I then enter it again into the extended form, all is...
  11. Hendarion

    Peeping Tom - Or: What to do with the 'inside' of mantles?

    Hi. I wonder what you would do with the lower side of a mini in a mantle/robe where you should be actually able to see their lags when looking from below. Most minis can hide that pretty well by standing on a flat base. But what if the mantle is blowing in the wind and you are (or should be...
  12. Hendarion

    Fire Dragon, need feedback

    Hi. I've completed a classic Eldar Fire Dragon lately and thought I'm gonna hit at least an 8, since I've blended all parts to a kinda great contrast and without any hard edges in some cenital way, but apparently that idea failed. Now I wonder what exactly went wrong and I'd like to hear ideas...
  13. Hendarion

    How long do pictures usually need to be confirmed?

    Hi. The title says it pretty much: How long do pictures these days usually wait before being visible to the public? Greetings
  14. Hendarion

    How to paint cracks / veins?

    Hi. I found this picture in the galleries and wondered how to do it - the yellow veins on red ground. I thought of retarder in the paint and salt to soak it up, but I guess that only sounds good and when trying fails big time. Please remember that this shot is part of a Wraithlord-leg, so its...
  15. Hendarion

    Article: 'Rusty Gold' tutorial

    You can view the page at
  16. Hendarion

    Army Painter's Anti-Shine - bubbles or not?

    Hi. I was close to buying Army Painter's Anti-Shine varnish, but some ppl told me it might clog, create bubbles or give a smokey/cloudy result. It would be my preferred choice because of being really matte. Most other varnishes I've seen are silk-matte which is not my look of choice. Anybody got...
  17. Hendarion

    Lets talk about gemstones

    Hi. Lately I was making some graphics for a computer game of mine and I realized that "gemstone look" is actually different to how they are painted on miniatures. So I checked upon some movies (actually Babylon 5, because Londo Mollari always had huge gems on him) and indeed it confirmed my...
  18. Hendarion

    Which pattern to go for?

    It might not be the right forum, but... I'm going to do some (Eldar) robe with entire freehand on it and dunno which pattern to use. I guess I will go for the middle one, since (after I painted them digitally to have a preview) the other two make me kind of dizzy... which one would you chose...
  19. Hendarion

    Looking for Eldar Farseer+Warlock

    Hi. I'm looking for the 2 fellows of the Farseer+Bodyguard Box in the middle of this picture. I don't wanna buy them separately, since this is almost the cost of the box, but since its only 2 of 4 guys I need, I don't feel like paying 25€ ... Anybody got them to offer for less maybe or wants to...
  20. Hendarion

    What's wrong with Vehicle Votes?

    Hi. I lately realised that people tend to vote huge things way better than small minis, even if the paintjob is way worse or includes just a random method of weathering. I've seen titans or big tanks with a vote of 8-9 which on a mini would be a 6 in best case. That's kinda sick compared to...
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