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  1. razza

    The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host

    Hi all, This miniature has been sitting on my desk unfinished for months, over christmas i finally had time to finish it. The aim with this painting was to do a copy of the studio version that i also painted but without the stop and start that was involved in the stage by stage photography...
  2. razza

    Saint Celestine

    Hi all, This is my latest mini which i painted which i painted on \'holiday\'. I had a lot of fun painting this sculpt, i\'ve always wanted to paint one and i thought it was about time i got round to it. As usual i went for a nmm style with some nice rich colours and a spot of freehand to...
  3. razza

    Sigvald the Magnificent (with added tutorial)

    Hi all, here is my lastest mini that i have painted for myself. I have not painted anything for myself for quite a while (too busy with work...painting!). I have always wanted to paint this miniature ever since joe T did his amazing job on the studio one. I painted this in nmm with the...
  4. razza

    Gamesday France 2009

    It\'s a bit late in the day but is anyone going to gamesday france this weekend? i will be there so please say hello! cheers, Daz
  5. razza

    New \'Eavy Metal team members!

    Hi all, just a quick post to say well done and welcome to Kornel Kozak and Tom Winstone who have joined the \'eavy metal team this week. I\'m sure you all look forward to seeing what they can do! (no pressure guys) ;) Cheers all! Daz
  6. razza

    \'Eavy Metal trainee figure painters

    Anyone up for the challenge of being part of the best painting team in the world? click the link below! :) click me!
  7. razza

    Prince Yriel of Iyanden

    Hi all, this is what i\'ve been working on lately, i converted prince yriel to have a helm, this was made from a metal guardian head and the terrain part from the dire avengers set and sculpted the deatil on. I then bent the left arm nd opened up the shimmer sheild and added a closed fist with a...
  8. razza


    Hi all! This is my latest work in NMM, this fig was great to paint and really lends itself to the NMM style. I went for an old school look with this fig staying away from the blues and keeping to the purples used on the old phoenix guard. Also the red flames with the coals is something that i...
  9. razza

    Article: Black Scorpion golden chef results!

    You can view the page at!
  10. razza

    Two new harlequins

    Hi all! i\'ve spent a lot of time on these so i thought i\'d share them with you all. Please let me know what you think and have a vote! Any comments and questions would be great! cheers! Harlequin 1 Harlequin 2 (close ups) Female harlequin 1 Female harlequin 2 (close ups) cheers! Daz
  11. razza

    Kasrkin 1 & 2

    Hi all, this is my latest fig. I wanted to do something a bit different with it so i decided to do NMM, OSL and weathering all on one miniature. I\'m pretty happy with the results but i\'d like to know what you all think aswell, so any any comments would be great! I\'ve uploaded 2 sets of pics...
  12. razza

    Ezekiel 1 & 2.

    Hi all! i just finished this fig last night, so i decided to post it here on cmon. The strange thing is that one pic is on 9.1 and one is on 8.2. this is a massive gap in scores, i think someone out there doesn\'t like me:no: Anyway it would be great if you could take a look and vote on them...
  13. razza

    Black Templar High Marshal

    i enjoyed painting this guy loads, it was a chance to go crazy with the freehand, and the small conversion was fun to do aswell. all comments are wecome!:)vote here
  14. razza

    High Elf lord (nmm) on ebay!

    here is my High Elf lord rebased and relisted on ebay. click here! cheers!
  15. razza

    Emperors champion in helbrechts colours

    A commission piece, colours requested by the customer. back to the metals on this one, but i am doing more nmm at the moment. cheers all! Daz
  16. razza

    auctions messing up!!??

    hi, has anyone else had trouble featuring their fig as an auction? i have used 3 credits so far and it finishes within 2 hours of listing it! i\'ve contacted cmon 4 times and had no reply, any suggestions?
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