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    Lockdown live streams for the community :) raising spirits and Painting standards!

    Ok tonight on instagram lockdown live we do simple quick easy metal like this. Get yer brushes, paints that roughly match the ones in this post. A thing to paint and lets crack on with the #ogroidmyrmidon project. 8pm Gmt and maybe beyond...
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    Looking For Contenders!

    I must say I really enjoying doing my channel vids.! Especially the Speed demons challenges! Who else wants a go in the Golem hot seat??
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    Now that i am back...

    Hi guys now I'm back from the brink i decided to dedicate my You tube channel to sharing my experience with you all. I just want to help as many as i can so if you could share then you help too :) equally as important leave comments etc Here's one of my faves so far.
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    Reaver Titan Power Fist wip

    With the BS from PB i time to start new WIPS. Heres the titan for Evelyn so far plus the latest video is up too
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    NMM Celestine

    Finally after a long time I have finished this Lady! (how long has it been since i submitted anything!!) This Celestine is a little bit special to me you know. I started painting it s a new study into how i teach NMM For those of you that have been on my NMM courses you know that i have systems...
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    A Reaver for Evelyn

    Hi guys While i am not working due to illness etc i decided to help Evelyn. She's 9 months old a has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Have a watch and share
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    Selling all my confrontatioSellin. The Reall Cool bits!!!

    Here you go guys. The last of my confrontation and Cadwallon bits. I am rather sad to see these have to go....but you guys will enjoy em so yay!! Demon tower Sophet Shurat Myrvillis Yh-Sabahal..etc
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    Its not all about me

    Its not all about me its about a baby who needs help For a while its been all "i'm ill guys sorry.blah blah blah" well now its no longer about me. We've been quiet as a family about this but it's now Evelyn's turn. My cousins 9 month old daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. I asked him if...
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    FS Devourers of Vile tis

    I just put up a load of Devourers stuff this eve. Tyrant of vile tis Huntsman Master of carnage etc...
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    More Rackham Confrontation bits for sale!

    The latest instalment of my Ebaying has gone up. I had to re-list the Ltd Ed Varghar too because the buyer didnit buy, so you luck geezers get a second shot at one of these guys in the pic! Also up are some ltd ed/rare bits like the Emissary of Acheron...
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    Wolfen Samurai plus others Fs

    More stuff going up on the bay. Including some rare cool Wolfen bits, Samurai (prowler) (Sold) and Varghar. Theres a load more dirz stuff too, centurus (sold) and Dasyatis clones etc...
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    More Rackham Confrontation bits for sale

    Loads of dirz bits including a few of the cooler dirz charachters :)
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    Some cool confrontation stuff! (including the chess dwarfs set)

    So more stuff is going up on ebay including the chess set dwarf things from confrontation and the scarcrow guy, some centurs clones and loads more coming.....big stuff Ebay STORE Also up to buy is this guy which i just wanted to paint for the sake of it :)
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    Selling off all my confrontation bits.

    Being off ill means all my confrontation/rackham minatures will have to go to new homes.......... sad but essential. Who's going to offer a great paint job to some lovely homeless and discontinued minis, (and help me pay me rent)? Here you go guys. First up will be these guys then all the cool...
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    Ragnar Blackmane

    My Raganar Blackmane, Retro Tribute is finally finished! And strangely in time with the the release of the new Ulrik Model from GW, maybe my Ragnar was being watched and chosen from afar........ I took my time really considering how to finish this guy but my...
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    2016 Painting Courses

    I have got this years courses planned in! Not so many as last year so make sure you get on soon! Both of these courses are about showing you all how simple any level of painting actually is, or as I like to say "it's Awareness and Choice more than skill" See you soon! For more info go to...
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    Ragnar blackmane wip

    The raw parts from Krom, the sw upgrades and an vets head. Planning pose and fit etc. Planning in the hair The greenstuffed stage
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    Golem courses in LONDON!

    Hey guys here is a rare a occurrence! I FINALY HAVE A GREAT VENUE TO HOST COURSES DOWN SOUTH!! Join me for a full weekend of Painting Fundamentals and NMM If you are not sure about it I will urge you to ask around about how great these courses are for any painter...
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    Golem Aberdeen! NMM + Fundamentals!

    In my quest to teach as many of you as possible i travel to the far north!!!
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    NMM Saint Celestine wip/tute

    I always wanted to do this so here goes!!! Here's the base coats Here's the test on the foot to see if I like it
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