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    Where to find miniature packaging

    Hello all! I've been working on putting together a new miniature line (coming soon!) and need to know where I can get the blister packaging and the foam inserts (like the kind CMON sends minis in). Thanks in advance!
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    New minis for sale

    Empire Wizard: Empire Warrior priest: Underworld Selene (Hasslefree)...
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    Minis for sale

    Well, since my auctions keep disappearing here on CMON, I\'ll list some here. Warmachine Epic Skarre: Empire Warrior Priest...
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    Converted Inquisitor Lord

    Hey all, This guy was alot of fun to do, I\'m starting to venture into display bases. This one is done with fimo and some rocks. This model is also for sale:
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    Suck... Hope all you fellow Canadians had fun last night!! :)
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    Article: CMON Shop Update: Exciting Enigma New Releases

    You can view the page at
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    Article: CMON Shop Update: CMON Contest 16 - Lich King from Mad Puppet Miniatures Now

    You can view the page at
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    Some of you may be interested

    Hey all, I\'m trying to help a friend get back on her feet after going through a divorce that left her with pretty much nothing. She and her now ex-husband are avid comic book collectors, but she is going to be selling off some of her collection to help in these hard times. Here are some...
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    Hasslefree WW2 Girl with Gas Mask

    Just 6 hours left on auction
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    Article: CMON Contest 15 - Female Anti-Paladin from Dark Sword Miniatures (Limited Ed

    *sigh* I\'m so tired of always seeing the same 2 things with the Contest minis and the limited edition minis: 1) They are always female 2) 90% of the time, they are half, or completely naked females. How about we get some male minis for these contests? I think I\'ll pass on this one... I\'m...
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    Sculpting Busts

    Hello everyone, I\'m going to be sculpting some busts, and was wondering what the best type of clay would be to do this? Any and all suggestions would be most appreciated. Also, any tips for a first time bust sculptor? :) Thanks again. Blessed Be! -Rune
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    Games-Workshop 30th Anniversary Mini on eBay

    Hey guys I put up the special edition 30th anniversary GW model on eBay. Take a look if interested.
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    Rare OOP Chaos Terminator Lord for sale on eBay

    Hey guys, I\'ve got an auction up for a rare out of print chaos terminator lord on eBay. Have a look if interested. :)
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    Article: CMON Shop Update: Enigma Miniatures

    You can view the page at
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    CMON Contest 10 - Lily, Witchomancer

    With the contest deadline being on the 10th of December, I have still not received my model yet. I purchased it when it was still a preorder. Anyone have theirs yet?
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    Animus Studio

    Hello Everyone, just wanted to let you know that after 10 years of painting, I\'ve decided to start doing commissions. Now, I\'ll come right out and say that I\'m not the best painter in the world, I see myself as ranging from average to a touch above average (when I really put my mind to it)...
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    OLD Gandalf mini

    Hey all, I\'ve got a really old looking gandalf mini (Pics coming soon) I think he\'s from the early 80\'s. Would something like this sell well on Ebay?
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    Seeing as how I am very short for cash these days and cannot afford a camera, is there anyone in the Ottawa, Canada area that would be willing to take some pics of my minis for me? We could work out some kind of payment (5-10 bucks a pic) for the trouble. Thanks in advance. Rune
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