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  1. Octavian80

    Shopping for Large Scale Figures

    Hello all! I'm thinking of getting into painting more larger scale figures that the 28mm I've been working on lately. I'm curious of where do you normally go for such things? I'm mostly into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. Is there a particular website any of you have for your go-to? I have found El...
  2. Octavian80

    Painting the Horde

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but my friends and I just recently got into Zombicide Season 1. We are thoroughly enjoying it and can't wait to add to the game with all the expansions. For now, though, it almost pained me to play with boring, unpainted figures; it felt like such a missed...
  3. Octavian80

    Octavian's 1st WIP

    Hey all! I'm new to CMON and this is my first post (hopefully I don't screw it up:smile:). I have recently started painting again after a 12 year hiatus. I am trying to learn some new advanced techniques. The model below doesn't really reflect that yet but it's my first one in a long time so I'm...
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