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    50 shades of yellow

    OSL and yellow nmm etude. Vote on CMON Vote on P&P Join my Patreon for WIP set Join mt instagram to stay in touch Join my FB to be a friends...
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    Lone smurf SM etude

    Lone smurf in a night forest. Thanks for your comments and votes. Vote on CMON Vote on P&P Join my Instagram Join my Patreon
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    Golden boy etude

    One of my latest works i do not shared here. Join my Patreon for WIPs and tips Join my Instagram to stay in touch Vote on CMON Vote on P&P
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    Verthandi, the grassland queen

    My 54mm Verthandi. Actually, she was done as an etude for "The hope is living as long, as we are" project but i think she's good enough to be shown separately. You can check her wips on my Patreon...
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    Mercenary ogre

    Here is my latest project, Mordheim mercenary ogre. This ogre is slightly over 40mm tall.The model was heavily remastered by me. Yes, i know he looks the same to most of you, but if you familliar with original model, then you'll feel the difference. You can see ol the WIPs on my Patreon acc...
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    Good morning, Midgar!

    I`m totally forgot that i did not posted my Aeris in showcase. So, here she is. CMON voting links Due to new CMON politics i have to upload 3 sets of pics (actually, there are only 4 pics in total). I`m really missing those never-ending scrolling collages. You can vote wherever you want...
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    Lagertha the Chaos Maiden

    This is a third lady from my "Goodbye, Warhammer fantasy battles" line. Originally made out of great Nutsplanet 1/10 shieldmaiden kit, now she continues as Norska Chaos Maiden. Most of my inspiration comes from classic Adrian Smith art. You may remember it - that was on plastic chaos marauders...
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    Nakatan`s WIPs

    I wanted to start a wip thread here for long ago. And now, when it is done at last, let me show you my Lagertha the Chaos Maiden. I will gladly answer all your questions, regarding my works, here. Also, you can see some of additional pics and stages on my Patreon
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    The dark half

    Here is the second Warhammer Fantasy bust from my "Good bye, WHFB" series. Now, it is time to say my faretheewell to one of the most characterful WHFB army, Dark Elves, and their cold harsh land, Naggaroth. I chose the dark elf corsair champion to represent the rase, as the sea dragon cloak is...
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    we did it, Boss!

    Here is some oldhammer again! Maybe some of you do not know, who Grom the Paunch is. So, this is the story. The Broken Axe Goblin tribe lived in the eastern end of the Mad Dog Pass, south of the Crookback Mountain in the Dark Lands. Grom was lured into an eating contest, the object tough Troll...
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    Goodbye, blue sky (Dying light)

    As many of you know, last year Games Workshop destroyed one of the greatest fantasy settings ever born, and the wargame that took place in there. With this creation of minei want to say goodbye to Warhammer Fantasy Battles game and the Old World. So many bloody battles, so many shining...
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    Good morning, slave!

    To vote and comment go here: Overall set - Detailed set - This mini have some interesting story behind worth to tell and hear, so here it is. It was released in a 2007 by a promising sculptor-wannabe, Grishnak. As it was...
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    Where are everyone?

    It`s kind of strange, that `top of the week` works getting there with 15-20 registered votes average. Wassup, CMON? That`s looks like a serious activity reduction. Actually, this is not a bug, but looks strange indeed...
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    World Of Stone

    Ritchie Blackmore and his wife always have a song or two to inspire me. I have alternaive Ashlyn on my hands from the release date, but it took some time to find an idea that suits her good. Here are some info for those of you, who did not have a time to read Warmachine fluff: Llael’s primary...
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    Old School

    I have a load of Golden Age GW minis on my hands. So, looks like it is time to put some paint on them. I`m really like that old GW style. Nowdays those 3d modelled stuff is all around, and they're good in many ways... But, still, those masterfully hand-sculpted minis have a really strong...
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    Big sale-off. Skaven, Imperial Guard, Hordes Trollbloods and more.

    Its a real pain in the ass to bump all those sale threads separately, so i put all of my not sold remains into one. As you can see, i`m outta the tabletop gaming for a while, and have a strong desire to clean-off my bookshelfs. I will happily give a reasonable discount to all of you, who want...
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    Troubles with comments

    every time i`m trying to comment smbd work, my comment is not added. btw, don`t you think ALL the works getting not too much comments for a last 3 weeks?
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    Turn Undead

    My latest work. Voting link:
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    Cargodon Crash

    I wanted to make some action-filled diorama for a long time, so that stegodon was doomed from the beginning. This is, actually, a big experiment, as i tried a lot of new (for me) things here. The story is quite simple here: a dozen of pirate daredevils prepared an ambush for the gold-carrying...
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    Haviland Tuf (scratchbuild)

    Today everyone know George Martin as an author of `Game of thrones` series. But, actually, he is also wrote outstanding sci-fi novels in the mid-1970. Personally, i think this is the best sci-fi ever written. So here is the character from one of those novels, Haviland Tuf. This novel is a...
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