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    Notre Dame de Paris

    Hi all this is a great big project that i have the incredible honor to paint. is a fantastic emotional sculpt by the incredible artist Michael Kontraros. i have no word to thanks him for give me this incredible opportunity. we are working on a big articles about this piece, both scupting and...
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    Between the two sides of darkness

    Hi all this is a work i finish in the 2012. I paint the banner for the freehand video of miniature mentor, were you can see al the passages i use for doing this. The banner was thinking as a background of this figure: a little conversion of a draconia 54mm miniature, i just put the wolf's ears...
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    The Walking Dead

    Hi all, i show my last work: a boxart for the last Gastart bust, sculpted by Carles Vaquero. ( I had really few time for paint it (i finish this in 12 hours), so i try a very impressionist and textured type of interpretation. Really a fantastic sculpt!! A pleasure to...
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    Dark Star - Dark Eldar Scourge

    hi all here's my last work. i try for the first time to do an exagerated nmm stuff. Totally new experience for me, really funny! i love sperimentation! is relly different from my other work, and really extreme to me! i have a fantastic time painting this. Hope you like. any question, comments...
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    The Chick Challenge 2012!!!

    Painters, sharpen up your brushes, the Chick Challenge is returning! After a long pause, the sexiest contest of the modeling Universe is back. We expect much participation and a lot of entries of the most beautiful female figures. The competition will last for 4 months, four long months, so no...
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    Phlegyas art Boxart - Don Cerveza de le Mancha

    Hi all, after some long time without painting i show you my last work, doing for a good pair of friends and their new miniature brand Phlegyas Art. is a so funny 54mm sculpt by Valentin Ammon Zakk. i have a very good time painting this: searching some kind of...
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    MAgister Militum Sexta Legio Parthica

    hi all, i share with you my last work: an historical commission of a great pegaso miniature in 75mm. i try a lot of study in the different material, but sadly my pictures are always too saturated, in real the piece is more "grey"... but ok this i have! hope you like it! alternative...
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    Last Stand of Nuln (Gold Diorami - italian GD 2011) ON SALE

    hi all, i just want to inform that this piece is ON SALE. on cmon: if anyone is interested contact me at thank you! Francesco
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    Last Stand of Nuln (Gold Diorami - italian GD 2011)

    hi all, this is the second project i doing with the world master of sculpt Mariano Numitone. was a very difficult 54mm project that give me opportunity to study a lot of things. i have to thanks a lot Mariano Numitone Numi, for this other opportunity: painting your piece is the dream that all...
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    Flying Lelith Hesperax

    ave cmon, i show you my last work prepared in few days before the world expo. it's a very simple conversion of lelith painted with a cold dominant of color: violet, cold red, and contrasted with the yellow gold. i paint this in a GW style adapted to my self. hope you like it cmon...
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    Larth, villanovian warrior

    Ave Cmon After 5 mont without painting, i finally return to my brushes. i show you my last work, a commission for an historical collector. it's 75mm by alexander, painting in oils and acrilics. hope you like! cmon link: AVE Francesco
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    Sigmar Priest - BOS lugdunum, lion 2011

    Hi all i show you my last work, this is for me a very incredible project i do with the Historical World Master Mariano Numitone. he sculpt this, and i paint. the scale is 54mm. i have no word to thanks this incredible sculptor for come in to fantasy world and give me the opportunity to paint...
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    The Ancient Centigor - very big pictures -

    hi all! i share with you my last project. this is a very long project i start 2 years ago. for the first time i try to quite all sculpt a pieces. there are a lot of things i try to study and i hope to write soon an article about the lot of work i do... i return on my original painting style...
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    Apeiron Project - Aspasia, the iron virgin

    Ave CMON, i'm here to show you a little project that some friends think to do 2 years ago... today we finally start to show our work we are: EmptyV: Alessandro Montoro Franciuus: Francesco Farabi Rusto: Fabrizio Russo Docitalicus: Mario Pizzoli is a miniature project in 30mm for a little game...
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    Minotaurus (Aitna model)

    Hi all, i show you my last work. it's a boxart for AITNA model. the pieces is a minotaur in 54mm but very big!!!!! the sculpt it's by my friend Carmine "Thor" Giuliano, you can see the wip here: it's a pleasure for me...
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    Nakjagerin, Pegaso Gheenna Girl

    hi all, i present you my last work. i paint this boxart for the pegaso fantasy range Gheenna. it'a a very hard miniature, dynamic and very rich of atmosphere... a really fantastic sculpt from the "god" Andrea Jula.. i really love to paint this hope you like!!! My pictures: cmon link...
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    MySQL server has gone away

    Hi, when i try to post a new miniature appear this stripes "MySQL server has gone away" i don't know if it's a momentary down of the system or my account... Thank you Francesco
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    My father... My destiny. Children of war part II

    Hi all, This is my latest work: cmon url: this is a project i'm thinking about for long time... when i finish my work "Save me... mon: Children of war" (the demonette with the little child, i think that in the future i can...
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    Monte San Savino Show 2009 - Official Reportage -

    Dear friends and painters, you have waited for it for a long time, but here we are. We had to work during our spare time, we had to work on organizing the pictures and names, and now we are proud to show you the core of last November event: the palmares of M.S.S. with almost all the pictures of...
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    desappeared miniature..

    hi there, my posted miniature: was desappeared from my database, is a bug? it will return or i have to post it another time? thank you!! Fra p.s. sorry for my english...
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