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  1. griffongames

    Ogre Kingdoms Commission - WIP

    Most of my WIP threads have featured more videos than photos... which some folks don't like. So this time I'm going to be doing more photos (also, because the client asked for them). At this point in the photos all I have done is the basic build. I haven't done any seam filling or base work...
  2. griffongames

    Dread Fleet Project

    I just started a new commission project - Dread Fleet. My first video was primarily a discussion of how I was going to proceed. This second video covers the first of the actual work on the terrain bits. RpKIKwNc9Pk
  3. griffongames

    What if your image's status is "Reported"?

    I just was looking at my pictures and noticed that one of the images I uploaded last night is no longer "Active" it's now listed as "Reported." What would cause my image to be reported? I looked around trying to see how one might "report" an image (and what for) and couldn't find anything. Any...
  4. griffongames

    Painted Orcs on eBay

    I'm currently selling off elements of my Orc army on eBay. Some bits are tabletop quality, some are showpiece quality. Put them all together and you have the makings for a nice army. The auction has a little more than a day left as I type this so jump in and take a look right away. Go to the...
  5. griffongames

    Griffongames' WIP

    Decided to go ahead and start a general WIP thread instead of starting up new specific WIP threads each time I begin a new project. So, to get started here are the first two videos from my Sanguinary Guard commission project. l9P5BCHlidw abOZwWw0OmU
  6. griffongames

    Griffongames' Grey Knights Video Project Log

    My newest commission is a squad of Grey Knights. This is the kickoff video: zkvyEQ2_MfY
  7. griffongames

    Space Hulk WIP

    I'm doing these for a client. Just got started a couple of days ago. All of my wip reports are done with video. I don't shoot photos until the end. Here are the first videos:
  8. griffongames

    Would you pay for a good submission photo of your work?

    Another topic got me thinking. There's enough people out there with great painting skills but neither the photography skills or equipment to show off their work. Would you pay a photographer to get good photos of your work?
  9. griffongames

    I-KORE Shutting Down

    (From Cowan and Partners in Edinburgh, a chartered accountancy firm, are liquidating the assets of the company. The contact person is given as David McFarlane, on 0131 554 0724. We have not been able to establish whether i-Kore entered receivership voluntarily, or was...
  10. griffongames

    Article: How to make a painting rig

    You can view the page at
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