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  1. Mark77

    Dark Age St. Mark, mounted, WTB

    I would like to buy Dark Age St. Mark, mounted, WTB. Hopefully someone wants to part with him. Will pay via PPal upon agreement. Thanks.
  2. Mark77

    WANTED Cmon annual 2010 and 2011

    WANTED Cmon annual 2010 I would like to purchase Cmon annual 2010, hopefully someone is willing to part with it. Can pay via PPal. Thank you for your time, Mark
  3. Mark77

    Looking for The White butcher Scale75 (GEralt), 35mm resin

    Hi, I`m looking for The White butcher Scale75 (Geralt), 35mm resin, definitely would like to buy this mini if someone is willing to part with it. Thanks, Mark
  4. Mark77

    Selling few painted minis (KDeath, Antenociti and custom rider)

    Selling few painted minis (Kingdom Death Goblin and Antenociti APC) I`m selling Antenociti Kabardin 15mm scale, £40 + £10 shipping; Kingdom Death Goblin, £80 + £10 shipping; Please PM me for details or an offer on my e-mail: Paying via PayPal. Cheers and thanks, Mark
  5. Mark77

    Buying Kingdom Death Great Game Hunter male

    Hi, if anyone is willing to part with Kingdom Death Great Game Hunter male, I would buy it. Can pay via PayPal. Thanks.
  6. Mark77

    Selling Kingdom Death preacher - painted

    I`m selling Kingdom Death preacher - painted, as in photo. If interested, you can hit me with an offer via PM or thread. Payment via PayPal please. Also on ebay: Thanks.
  7. Mark77

    selling Kingdom Death preacher, first run collectors edition, painted

    Selling Kingdom Death preacher, first run and Infinity VIP exec, painted I`m selling Kingdom Death preacher, first run, professionally painted / as in photo. Price $75 + shipping cost $12.50. Now on ebay...
  8. Mark77

    Infinity, Firestorm Armada, Reaper, Dreamblade - painted + bonus: Bulk sale

    Hi, I`m selling minis as in photo: Firestorm Armada Spook class cruiser, one Dark Elf drummer, Black Cat minis priest, one Lucifer`s war archangel, Dreamblade castle, Kerlhann the wanderer Confrontation, Reaper paladin w/horse, Beast from Her Quest, and Infinity executive VIP - all painted to...
  9. Mark77

    Wanted- Rense System Navy Spook Class Cruiser

    Wanted- Rense System Navy Spook Class Cruiser, one Hi, would like to buy Rense System Navy Spook Class Cruiser. If someone have only one to spare, please PM me with offer. Can pay via PayPal. I can also add entire Infinity Panoceania stater pack and 3 models of Mobile Brigada. Thanks! ++++...
  10. Mark77

    Wanted-Samaritan trooper

    Hi, does anyone have one spare Samaritan trooper as in photo for sale? Thanks, Mark
  11. Mark77

    Selling Kingdom Death pledge Bronze Survivor

    Selling Kingdom Death pledge Bronze Survivor - SOLD Hi guys, I m selling Bronze - 2014 Black Friday Kingdom Death: Monster Survivor Level Pledge for $250. SOLD link for full details:
  12. Mark77

    Hunger games Peacekeeper conversion

    Hi, I m trying to make a peacekeeper from "Hunger games" series as in photo, but so far, I m stuck with ideas for parts, they all eventually turned problematic - particulary helmet, torso armour and weapon. Any ideas?
  13. Mark77

    100 votes per day windows poping up constantly

    I have trouble with "100 votes per day"+10 pts window popping up constantly for several days (without voting), I gave up closing them like 50 times already. Any way around this?
  14. Mark77

    Selling Coolminiornot Annual 2008 brand new

    I m selling Selling Coolminiornot Annual 2008 brand new, $20. Lowest postage I could get for book of this size is $16.27, worldwide. If interested, please PM me. Payment via PayPal.
  15. Mark77

    Selling Kingdom Death painted miniatures (and few Confrontation)

    Hi everyone, due to my current situation which is financially very challenging, I m selling my Kingdom Death miniatures and few Confrontation models, all painted (you can view pics here on my profile or ebay links posted below). The money will certainly help me get through this difficult...
  16. Mark77

    Looking for Kerlhann the Wanderer

    I m looking for Kerlhann the Wanderer mini. If anyone have it and is willing to sell it, please PM me. Thanks.
  17. Mark77

    Antenociti Jet-bikes, Me262 GHQ 1:285, Infinity Brother Konstantinos & Husam Yasbir

    Antenociti Jet-bikes and Me262 GHQ 1:285 Everything now on e-bay: 3 (three) jet -bikes with troopers, brand new in the box, metal with resin bases - two two-seaters and one 1-seater - $18 + shipment (around $8). Stems not attached by the manufacturer...
  18. Mark77

    Pure evil Miniatures - Damien Sparkes !!!! Buy, buy, buy ...

    Hi, just want to share a very nice experience I just had this afternoon, regarding Damien Sparkes and his Pure evil Miniatures. Not only that Damien recently sent me a package of 3 culstists FOR FREE, I just received a Christmas gift form him - a box full of his beautiful miniatures :party...
  19. Mark77

    Selling painted KDeath: Twilight Knight, Savior, Illuminated Lady, Kings Hand

    I m selling models as above: Twilight Knight - ebay: Savior- ebay...
  20. Mark77

    Selling painted GW Dreadfleet Sea Drake (converted) and Viper arm.recon Antenocitis

    Selling painted Dreadfleet Sea Drake, Viper Antenocitis Viper Armoured Reconnaissance vehicles, 28mm - Antenocitis, 20£ (postage not included, PM me for details). Trooper n/included (only for reference). Ebay link...
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