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  1. Griffin


    MASSIVE COLLECTION - "Battlegames in Middle-Earth" - COMPLETE UNOPENED COLLECTION Hi everyone, I have a complete set of the GW and De'Agostini collectable fortnightly magazines. "Battlegames in Middle Earth" which I would like to sell soon. This collection includes every single issue, all...
  2. Griffin

    Griffin's WIP Scenery Blog

    Hi guys. This is my first blog and first WIP here, so I might not quite know what I am doing. Long story short, I could use some incentive to get back working on these pieces. Hope you like them so far. Criticisms (the friendly type), comments, feedback and questions are welcome. First: The...
  3. Griffin

    Games Workshop unveils "The Hobbit" - thoughts and first impressions.

    OK, so first, check the link HERE Then leave your comments. My own opinion is more or less that which I have felt and thought about GW for a while now. OK, these models are very lovely, I would be happy to own them all, I really like the new characters and the new models of characters we know...
  4. Griffin

    Games Workshop New Paint Range

    Got a peak at GW's new range of paints on their Chinese Kaixin blog. Lots of new colors here. Still leagues behind other companies paint ranges but better than in the past at least. What do you guys think about these new colors and the fact that the existing paint range as it stands has been...
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