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  1. AndyG

    Who's going to Euro Miniature Expo?

    Hi everyone just a quick question who's on their way to Euro next week? I cant wait to go been looking forward to it since last years one. Any way comment if your on your way it would be nice to meet with the CMON lot for a coffee and a natter.
  2. AndyG

    Website not secure! Warning

    As the title says I keep getting the warning Website not Secure! When I sign in. Never got this warning before and it is slightly concerning. Anyone know what’s going on?
  3. AndyG

    Happy Christmas Dragonsreach

    As you all know Mike aka Dragonsreach absolutely loves Christmas! So come on CMON! Your best Christmas themed memes to the fore!
  4. AndyG

    AndyG even more new posts to gallery!

    Ok even more pics here of my latest minis heres the links backsun barbarian Conan and the people of the back circle Dwarf vs banshee Slambo...
  5. AndyG

    AndyG new submissions to the gallery

    After ages of posting nothing to the gallery I thought I’d update it a bit here’s a few submissions with links Freya by nocturna Thor by nocturna Conan by figone Cyclops...
  6. AndyG

    SKelettets Birthday

    Happy birthday to the Sweedish Chef
  7. AndyG

    What happened to Crackpot?

    I was going through my internet links deleting stuff I don't use anymore (no the wife didn't find where I've been I was just bored and tidying up ......honest!) And one of the links wash to Brush hour by crackpot who was one of the best miniature painters on this site. Now he hasn't been on here...
  8. AndyG

    America what is going on?!?

    I'm not one who normally sparks controversy sort of generally keeping my head down and carrying on, however I risk loosing friends here. But I was taught to stand up when something was wrong. To give a little context I was caught up in a very peripheral way in the effects of the bombing in...
  9. AndyG

    Motorheads Lemmy dead

    Ring the bells Lemmys dead. The greatest rock and roll / heavy metal King is dead. Gob smacked can't believe it thought he'd carry on for years. Very sad time for me he was my favourite heavy metal front man with songs like the Ace of Spades Motörhead Silvermachine (in hawkwind) Orgasmatron...
  10. AndyG

    AndyG adding some new pics to gallery

    Finally decided to update my gallery with some work done over the last few months. Been quite a productive time and some of these bad boys did quite well at Euro. anyway here's the voting links
  11. AndyG

    Euromillitaire 2015

    Hey hey hey it's only a couple of weeks or so to go! So the highlite of the year is upon us; minis painted check, ridiculous amounts of money ready to spend on minis and bases check, excuses and nice presents (bribery) for the Mrs check. We're good to go. so who else is going then? Normal meet...
  12. AndyG

    Salute 2015

    Watcha everybody Salute 2015 is coming up in just over a week or so. Im getting all excited at the competition and all those lovely stalls to spend my hard earned cash at! So whos going is the question? An are we all going to meet up for a coffee?
  13. AndyG


    ITS ONE MONTH TO GO HUUUUUGGGAAAHHHH!!!!! Cant wait it's nearly time the anticipation is rising the painting is speeding up the wife is letting me go out and play and let my mate stay over yessss! So for those of you not in the know Euro is the highest standard of painting I've ever seen...
  14. AndyG

    Eli Wallach RIP

    My favorite western bad guy actor Eli Wallach has died loved him so charismatic he stole the scene in the good the bad and the ugly and the Magnificient seven. Love his rant son of a thousand fathers.
  15. AndyG

    New painting competition vote

    Ok here we go as everyone is asking about what is the next mini to paint. Me and Ten ball got together and went through a list of minis, they had to meet certain criteria. They had to be cool that certain something that makes you go yeah I wana paint that! They had to be readily available so no...
  16. AndyG


    Without doubt my favorite Hasslefree miniature; this amazing sculpt demanded the best I could do. After seeing Tommie Soules brilliant flower knight I wanted to do the best NMM steel I could possibly do and push myself as far as I could go. I decided on a black knight so the steel is a darker...
  17. AndyG

    Orc shaman group painting competition.

    Been having a chat with Tenball about the group painting competition that a few of us did a year or so ago with the hasslefree barbarian. Absolutely loved doing it and we produced some kick ass really high end painting total joy to do! So it's time to do another painting comp and we needed to...
  18. AndyG

    SALUTE 2014 Who's Going?

    It's that time of year again Salute is just around the corner. The intellectual average of London is set to rise (and fashion sense to drop unless your into anoraks ;)). So who going to be there so we can meet up chew the fat and ooh and ahhh over lovely minis? And have a beer or a coffee etc.
  19. AndyG

    Chaos Lord Games Day special mini

    Great Mini from GW, gone for the nmm on this and a really cold looking bas with the molten plastic skin burning arghh the pain but ooooh looks good icicles:doctor: Heres the voting link and a picy
  20. AndyG

    Green Wednesday

    So a general question here, In no way for or against, what's the likelihood that you'll be off to Colorado for a bit of recreational cheech and chong herbage? I should point out here that with a family and a vaguely responsible job I don't partake , though I was a student in days of yore.
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