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    Missing Manufacturer for Images submission

    Hi, Please, can you add Fantasy Flight Games ( as Manufacturer in order to appear in the menu of Manufacturers in images submission? I have about fifty pictures to post about X-Wing games. Thanks Giovanni
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    Cmon Annual 2012... deeply disappointed :(

    Today, after an anxious wait, I finally received the 2012 Cmon Annual. Now I'm really sorry to write the following, but I was deeply disappointed by the new yearbook. - The first step is almost half of the previous ones (at least as thick). - Second, the layout is ugly and confusing. -...
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    Request to add new producer of miniatures: Spartan Games

    I would ask if you could add a new manufacturer of miniatures: SpartanGames ( I'm realizing many pictorial works for the game system "FirestormArmada"; system that is spreading a lot. I would like to CoolMiniOrNot these pictorial works without giving the "Other"...
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    [WIP] Gorten Grundback, Warlok 28 mm.

    Hello everyone :male-fighter2: This is a WIP currently in production. I have yet to define and refine the metals, and fine detail. How do you think?
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    Future Floor Wash... how to get it?

    Could someone help me to buy the wax-based acrylic "Future Floor Wash"? For information about those who did not know what to serve: THE COMPLETE FUTURE It is marketed in the U.S., but not manage to get here in Italy. Could you help me? :beerwave:
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