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  1. Dead Marsh Spectre

    The Dead Marshes - Grim Hammers

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this thread as its not really a Work in Progress thread. I don't tend to take many WIP pics of my projects as I don't tend to stop painting long enough too take pics until I'm finished. If its the wrong place just point me in the right direction of...
  2. Dead Marsh Spectre

    Theoden Golden Demon UK 2014 Entry First time making any sort of terrain this large. I didn't really intend the piece to become so tall but got a bit carried away lol. Entered into the UK golden demon this year in the lotr single mini category and was smashed to bits by some fantastic entries...
  3. Dead Marsh Spectre

    Cmon rank

    Hey if anyone reads this how do i get a Cool Mini or not Rank - I read somewhere that i need to have 5 pictures uploaded and 50 votes on each to gain a rank. I have 5 and 50 votes on each and still no rank : ( ...any ideas? Doh!!! I've spotted it !
  4. Dead Marsh Spectre

    The Dead Marshes

    Hey all - heres a link to my blog - focused on Lord of the Rings
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