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    Rackham Fire Industries Jack "o' Lantern

    Rackham Fire Industries Pumpkinhead I have a very rare Fire Industries Pumpkinhead for sale I bought it at the time of release and it has sat in a drawer ever since. It is complete and unpainted as you can see in the pictures. I"m looking for £150.00 gbp posted. Paypal friends and family or...
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    H.A.T.E. Miniatures for Sale or Trade UK Based.

    H.A.T.E miniatures, these are figures I have as spares so looking to move them on. £12.00 each plus postage. The mounted barbarian is £25.00 the weapon was broken but I've fixed it by drilling and pinning the broken parts together and the joint is pretty good now hardly noticeable, if I were...
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    Orc Brute WIP From Scibor's Monstrous Miniatures

    Hi all I would like to share with you all my current WIP which I have been working on for the last week or so on and off when I get enough time around my day job. I have always liked Scibor's minis as they have their own character. Thanks for looking.
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    Hi all Anyone out there selling anything from the hate game. Thanks.
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    The Last Two Cmon Annuals

    Hi all Does anyone have the last two Cmon annuals for sale or trade as they seem to have gone from the store. Cheers Tim
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    A Question

    Hi all, I've not been active in the forums for a long time but today I've been contemplating something and wondered what other members thoughts are. So lately I've been trying to paint minis again, my eyesight is not what it used to be and therefore I am struggling to come up with anything...
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    Warmachine Large Scale Resin Cryx Slayer and Deneghra

    Hi all Im looking to sell or trade a large scale resin version of the Cryx Slayer jack and Warwitch Deneghra. The jack is in mint condition and Denny has had her base painted and has been herself been staryed. Im looking for cash offers or trade for Unbuilt Bloodthirster or Imperial Knight kits...
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    Looking For Ravage Magazine (English) Issue 12

    Hi all I'm looking for a good condition issue 12 of Ravage it is the only one I'm missing so if you have one that you no longer want then please contact me I'll buy or trade.
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    Kingdom Death

    Hi all I have the Butcher and both male and female survivors for sale. If interested then drop me a pm before I send them off to ebay. I also have a Forgeworld collectors series Inqusitor Grundvald again offers by pm if interested
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    I've Found A Few More Ilyad Models In My Collection

    Hi all Ive come accross a few Ilyad models while clearing out my hobby room. I have located these so far. Urmacht Brother Gustav Knights of Misfortune 1,2,3 &4 Both Vorag Minotaurs one is assembled but unpainted the other is still in its blistet. I should also say that Urmacht is part assembled...
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    A Couple Of Things For Sale

    Hi all I have a few things that Id like to sell so if there is any interest then please just drop me a pm. Firstly I have Studio McVey Battle for Alabaster game which is unused. All the minis are unbuilt and the component board sectikns and countets unpunched. This includes the Biohazard pledge...
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    Inquisitor Eldar Ranger.

    Hi all I'm looking for the Inquisitor scale Eldar Ranger, I have paypal or may be able to trade, if you can help then please drop me a pm. Cheers all.
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    Hi all just wondering where is the best place (other than stealbay) to sell painted minis, I am looking to sell off my collection to raise funds for other projects. Cheers Tim
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    The Orkitau Lineman (Retirement Gift For An Old Friend)

    Hi all I've managed to get another new mini done this time though it has a special meaning to me. I have worked on the railway for 25 years now and recently a very old friend and mentor decided he was going to retire. This guy taught me more about signalling than any other and has always been...
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    Ilyad Games Arch Angel of Justice

    I have a MIB copy of this model for Sale, I'm looking for £50.00 plus p&p If interested then please drop me a pm.
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    Imperial Armour Masterclass Vols 1 & 2+Horus Heresey Visions Of Heresy

    Again as the title says I have these hardback books for sail again in excellent condition. Visions Of Heresy £40.00 Masterclass Books £20.00 each postage on top.
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    Last Few of my Rackham Sets

    The follolwing sets are for sale, Worg Lune Croissante Appostates of Darkness Charognards d'Acheron Griffon Thalions Dragan Dorianthe Asura De Sarlath Plus I have the troll of the Behemoth and also The Black Troll all boxed and unpainted with all cards though mostly in...
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    Forgeworld Imperial Armour Books For Sale

    As the title states , vols 1-7 of the imperial armour range for sale £25.00 GBP each plus postage. All are in excellent condition.
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    Classic Necron Warrior

    Hi all just finished this classic 90's Necron Warrior, I wanted to add a unit of these to my Necron Army and this is the first of what will be a 10 piece squad. Hopefuuly I'll get the whole unit done in reasonable time depending on work, then I have a unit of 3 classic destroyers to do. All...
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    More Minis For Sale

    Got som more stuff to let go Orc Infantry one handed weapons £30.00 the lot that's £3.00 per mini. Orc Boarboyz including command and champion, I have all the plastic boars as well the champion boar has a metal armoured head, £48.00 the lot thats £4.00 per complete boar boy Goblin...
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